Anyone else ready for spring break??? I am soooo ready! Maybe you've already had some time off and your ready to head back to the classroom!  Either way it's the perfect time for a little spring cleaning!!

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I am back to share another Bright Idea with you!

What teacher does not like collecting all the fun sticky notes they see in stores these day?. You can get them in so many shapes and sizes, different seasons and holidays, and some are just too fun to pass up!! Here's a few of the sticky notes I have on hand right now....
See, so many cute designs!! My students love recording their thinking on these adorable notes, I love adding new ones during different seasons, they just get so happy to see them.

I started thinking of other ways I could use them because they are so cute and seasonal. I found that they work great for making simple activities and games. So here's how I've used them in my classroom....

I write sight words on them, then add a few with a different phrase such as "snowball fight" or "Ho, ho, ho". I laminate them, put them in a container, and students take turns drawing them out. If they get a word they read it and keep it, if they can't read it the card goes back in the container. If they draw the special phrase they get to do an activity - "snowball fight" meant they got to have a small paper snowball fight, it only lasts a few seconds then they are back to work - "Ho, ho, ho" just meant they were the winner, they got a small treat and everyone returned the cards to start again. You can make the special phrases mean anything you like. I have some that just say "wiggle" and it means everyone stands up and wiggles for ten seconds then they sit down and start again! My kids love these games, and they are soooo simple to make for every season!

I've used some of the sticky notes to write math problems on placed them around the room. Students travel around looking for them and solve them as they go! I do laminate them and they last a long time! Again, super easy and fun!!

They also work great for adding and subtracting. I've found these notes that match my manipulatives perfectly. I simple wrote problems on them, laminated and put them in the math center. Students can use the cards and manipulative to solve the problems!

Looking for more Bright Ideas! You are in luck!!  Head on over to Jana's Blog Thinking Out Loud for a great idea about using KWL plus charts in preschool through third grades.

Thinking Out Loud

If you are looking for even more great ideas you can find many more in the linky below!

Last night as my husband and I were in Dollar General picking up a few things that we were out of at home, I noticed they had a little section of teacher materials that were all marked 50% off. They had these sequencing puzzles for just 50 cents each!
 I thought theses would make great story starters so today I made a quick center for my first graders!
 They each chose a puzzle, put it together, then wrote a three sentence paragraph using the transition words, first, next, then.

 They really loved it and I was so excited by the writing they did!
 First put it in the washer, next dry it, next fold it.
 This was cracked me up!! Then mix the muffins. Then it was ready. Then it was a muffin. So funny!!
 First you put seeds on it and then you water next the sun comes out and then the flower comes out! Great writing from my little ones!!
 The caterpillar eats green leaves.  Then he gets in the bag and then he turns into a butterfly! Love it!!
First take the toothbrush then he put toothpaste then he brushes his teeth.

I was so excited about all the writing they did! My fifty cents was very well spent!
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I hope you are all having a fabulous first week of march! I'm gearing up for state testing next week, and trying to find some fun ways to practice math facts with my kids who I know will be all worked out after the test! I've created these two games to give them a little change of pace, and keep them learning.

These are simple dice games, just roll the dice - draw a card - do the math! The person to collect the most cards win! I think my students will enjoy these. If your students could use the practice you can click on either picture to go to my shop and purchase these games for just $2.00 each!
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I love finding great resources on TPT for my classroom and creations! I"m linking up with Blog Hoppin' to show you what I bought.

Here's a look at what I picked up during this fabulous sale!
 I just love these adorable kids!! Can't wait to use this clip art from Kari Bolt and Mealonheadz to make some new products!!

If you haven't checked out Michael Friermood's Reader's Notebooks you should, they are amazing! I already had the literature notebook and couldn't wait to get this one for informational text! It's already printed and ready for us to start using next week!

Jennifer Runde has been a life saver for me this year! I love all of her products!! These two are great, I can't wait to use them with my students! Check out her store for a TON of great upper grade resources!

I could have bought so much more, but I had to control myself!! I am looking forward to seeing all the great resources everyone else got so I can add them to my ever growing wishlist!

Head on over to Blog Hoppin and link up with your sale purchases, and see what everyone else got too!
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