My kindergartners love to paint! I want to give them opportunities to do that but sometimes its just to much work to get everything out and organized, then clean up in a classroom with no bathroom or sink. I don't want paint on the carpet and having water to clean things with is always a problem. So when I found Kwik Stix made by The Pencil Grip I was so excited.

These paint sticks are so amazing! They give my students the opportunity to paint without the mess, and they dry quickly (within 90 seconds) so we can take our work home the same day!

My students ask to use them everyday. They've become a favorite activity for word work and free choice center time too.

The new Thin Stixs are great. My students can easily write with them or color smaller pictures more precisely. I think Kwik Stixs are a must have in every kindergarten classroom. If you are looking for another great product to add to your word word or art center you have to get these! You can find Kwick Sticks on Amazon HERE!
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