Fab Finds Friday!

So I am a day late on this one - and I know I'm not suppose to post more than once a day but I have to!! I found some fab things at target last night - their dollar spot is all ready for fall!! I can't believe how quickly stores change out their merchandise, no evidence of school supply heaven left at all - I needed some things for teaching colors and shapes - couldn't find anything at target and very little at Dollar Tree that is stocked year round! Anyway here are the fab finds from my Target shopping spree!!

Colorful tins (brown has a leaf on it, red has an apple, and polka dots in fall colors)
little pumpkin charms/confetti (sorry it's a bad picture)
 (I'm going to use them for counting activities)
Monster fingers for tracking while they read!!

I also got ghost, bat, and pumpkin erasers to use for counting, fall sticky note pads including a pumpkin and a turkey, a cute scarecrow to put on my desk and alphabet stickers!! (apparently that bag got left in the car and right now I'm to lazy to go down and get it!!) Loving the new fall theme in stores - but can't believe it's almost October!!!



  1. I have to get over to Target! I have been wanting those monster fingers!! My kids will love them.
    Thanks for sharing your fun finds!!!

  2. Too cute! I love the polka dotted tin!! Thanks for linking up :)

    Miss Kindergarten
    Target Treasures


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