Vistaprint......more freebies!

I have been creating some basic things for my classroom and uploading them to vistaprint! I love getting stuff from them, they always have a fabulous 4th of July sale so I was able to get a pretty good deal :) I have to admit in the past I've gone way overboard, I'm trying to be conservative with my creations as I am still so unsettled with my job,also I created everything in power point first than saved as a picture and uploaded to the website to save on upload costs. Here are the few basics that will always come in handy.......

Welcome banner for outside the classroom door, you can see it didn't fill up the whole banner so I will have to cut the sides down but it will still be a good size! I learned a lesson and left it very general no class number no school names, not even my name that way if I don't want it anymore maybe someone else could use it!!

Business card magnets so parents always have my contact information (they come in packs of 25) again very generic I didn't put a school name or anything on them I threw a lot of stuff out after the move just because it all has my old school info on it.

ADORABLE notebook, have to say I love these little notebooks they are perfect for carrying around and taking notes, I also love how mine turned out!!
Matching pen :)

Sticky notes, I put the image in as a watermark so it won't be so bold that you can't write over it!

These are large magnets, I made small labels and printed 12 to a magnet, I'm going to cut them out and put the kids names on them to use on my CAFE board - which is going to be magnetic -YEAH no more falling sticky notes :) I also use them for AR test waiting board or behavior tracking. (These come in packs of 10 so I will get 120 little name tags - I think that should be plenty)

I am sure you've all see this poster....I totally loved it the minute I saw it on pinterest and new I needed one for my classroom, I debated making one like this or handwriting it to make it more personal, I still don't know, I'm waiting to see how good it looks when I get it :)

and my voice level poster! I had a hard time getting things to fit right after creating them in powerpoint they aren't the right size to fill the entire poster so I had to work with it a little bit, it still didn't fit all the way but it worked!
Here's the image for this in case anyone wants to use it  Voice Level Poster,  I know it doesn't start with 0 like most do, I should probably redo it since 0 is no sound but I wasn't thinking like that, these are the numbers and phrasing I've used with my students in the past.

and I got all of that  for $6, they had a spend $4 get free shipping deal and a lot of things were free for the 4th! I can't wait until they come in :)

I also worked on my behavior clip chart and here's what I came up with
This one has all the colors with a cute star background, it has the pink/green to match my classroom color scheme - I plan on printing them out one per page, cutting them out and attaching with rings!

I also creating a solid color set in case I didn't love the stars once it prints, or in case n any of you prefer the solids! Loving them too :) all the clipart/frames/backgrounds came from Just So Scrappy!

Happy Friday  Everyone!!! Hope your still enjoying your Summer :)


  1. How adorable! I better get busy with all of that stuff, because time is starting to get away from me! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas!

  2. Love the star theme! We use Conscious Discipline in my classroom and our focal point has always been on S.T.A.R. Stop (or Smile) Take a deep breath And Relax. It's fantastic with emotional/behavioral issues, and early childhood development. Your clip chart is going to work WONDERFULLY with it. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Love the items you bought from Vistaprint! Great ideas!


  4. Wow! I can't believe you got all of that from Vistaprint! I love that little notebook and pen!! I better stop stalking and start designing!!

    Surfin' Through Second

  5. We have you as one of our MUST PINS!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas! I too have a pink & green theme in my room and these will be PERFECT!


  7. Ok, I have a question or two for you. I'm totally new to Vista Print and I still don't quite know what I'm doing :/. Did you get your darling pink & green themes from VP, or are they from another program that you uploaded? Also, the Clip Chart is new to me as well. I've been using the card pull for behavior management in my class and I have not liked it and I'm thrilled to learn about Clip Charts. Do you suggest printing them out in 8 1/2 x 11 or do you do them in different sizes? Thanks for your time! :0)


    1. Hi Alisa,

      I am so glad you've found my blog useful :) I created the images for my Vista Print products in power point using clip art from Just So Scrappy it's a collection called lipstick jungle, I then saved the power point file as a picture and uploaded them to vista print.

      for the clip chart I usually print mine 2 to a page, but it depends on how many students you have, you might need a full sheet if your putting 25 or 30 clips on, I only have 15 students.

      Thanks again for stopping by, if you have any more questions feel free to email me at and I'd be glad to help!

    2. Amy, thank you SO MUCH! I appreciate your explanations and now they make perfect sense! I'm adding these to my list of projects I want to make before school starts and I just hope I can get them all finished in time!


  8. Thanks for linking up- you must have had free uploads too!

    *Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge*

  9. Amy,
    Your ideas are SO CUTE! I love the soft greens and pinks! Thanks for sharing the voice sign! I'm totally going to use that in my classroom this year!
    Corinna :)
    Teaching Fabulous Firsties!


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