Fab Finds is it Fall already!?!

I was out and about today shopping for the stuff we need like shampoo and dish soap, ya know the things you can't live without but hate spending your money on! When I walked into Target I was a little saddened to see the dollar bins because reality was hitting me in the face - August is OVER, it's September, and that means it's fall! I can't believe how fast time goes by these days I really can't! Although I love summer fall is my favorite season. It's a transition into cooler weather with sweat shirts and bonfires, leaves changing colors, and then the rush of the holidays!

After I took it all in and adjusted to the new decor I found some things I wanted to share with all of you!! So here are my fab finds from today's trip.......
The ribbon has apples, leaves, and pumpkins on it!
I am going to use the ghosts to make words or math problems with, I will write letters or numbers on them and then students will choose a handful and make words with the letters or problems with the numbers! They also had bats and spiders, these were actually $2.50 a box and there are 150 in a box! They has several different sets of stickers including some alphabet stickers you see here and glittery leaf and pumpkin cutouts!
This is an adorable paper tree with little leaves, not sure what we will do with it but there are so many possibilities! They had a little section of retro games and these dominoes were to cute to pass up! They also had pictures and regular dots.
Adorable sparkly cutouts from dollar tree, fall trees, pumpkins and leaves. I love the face stickers, again not sure what I will use them for but I will figure it out and let you know! The hand sticky notes also have a ton of uses, I am going to use them for I-PICK signs and give me five reminders for now!
I also got a package from my friends at Carson Dellosa this week, I can't wait to share with you what they sent me and what they will be allowing me to giveaway to one of you! Come back tomorrow to check it out!

Happy Saturday, hope your all enjoying the holiday weekend!


  1. Were the first three picture slides of items from the Target dollar spot? If so I will definitely have to make a trip tomorrow!

  2. Omigosh this makes me a little sad - summer is over :(

    ...but all those new supplies are super cute!

    - Sasha
    The Autism Helper

  3. Can't wait to go to Target and get those dominoes! What great fun!


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