Working on Retell!

This weeks focus for my 2nd grade group is Retelling! First I used  an activity I originally found on Pinterest and followed to The First Grade Parade! It's a "retelling" road!
I made my own version for my class but Cara's are adorable and FREE! Click on the picture above (which is Cara's) and check out her blog post about it!! We also used the graphic organizers and anchor chart she shares!! So cute and worked great for my students, they loved it and did awesome retelling!

I added another fun activity, retelling puzzles! I bought small punch out puzzles at the teacher store, they aren't thick, I got them in the "accent" section but didn't take a picture to show you :(

Each one has 9 pieces. I wrote the headings on each piece. Students read their books and on each puzzle piece. Then they took the puzzle apart, and put it back together as they retold the story to their partner.

They loved it and had a nice "homework" assignment to do! Take home your puzzle and tell your family about what you read while you put it back together!!

Happy Friday Everyone!! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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