Where has the time gone???

It is May, we have 19 days of school left, how did this happen already??? I don't know but it did, and here it is time to link up with Farley again! Here is what I am up to currently........
My husband and son are cracking me up talking about how to talk to girls! Oh the joys of raising teenagers!

I have been so enjoying the gorgeous weather, the sunshine is so refreshing! I have loved my ride home each day with the windows down and my sun glasses on!!

Yep, feeling the summeritise right along with many of you all, and so are my students! I know we are getting close but it is way to soon to be shutting down as much as they have been! I feel like I've been giving my "finish strong" speech more than once a day every day this week!

I am wanting to go shopping! I want some nice cool skirts for summer time :) That sunshine has me feeling like a wardrobe change is in order!

I NEED to get some things finished up, my May fluency center for one, all creativeness has been zapped from my brain at this point and I just haven't been able to crank out the poetry yet! I am working on it this weekend, promise!!

My summer bucket list this year includes lots of relaxing, enjoying the time off, reading good books, and vacationing with my family! Last year we moved and I spent the summer unpacking, searching for a job and interviewing! This year I am so happy to have an amazing job and looking forward to just enjoying where we are!!

Head on over to Farley's blog and see what everyone else is doing....

Happy Friday Tomorrow!!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like their creativity is zapped. I have been working on two new units for what feels like forever and I just can't get myself to finish them. I think I need to set a deadline for myself.

    Hope you get a lot of time to relax with good books this summer. I hope to do the same! :)

    I am your newest follower!
    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  2. Ha! Your post made me laugh! I have a teenage boy too and it is so funny when my hubby and him talk about what to do around girls!
    The Bomb-Diggity Classroom

  3. I remember when my dad sat my brother down for the same conversation - I, of course, as an experienced teenage girl, added my expert advice :)

    Hope you get some good relaxation time this summer!

    Joy in the Journey

  4. Your blog is adorable! Hope you get some time to rest and relax this summer - I'm craving fun skirts for summer, too. I bought a couple cute ones for work this spring and its been too cold to wear them yet.


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