It's Monday!

It's time for Monday made it hosted by the fabulous Tara over at Fourth grade Frolics! 

I've had quite the weekend so this is definitely not the post I was hoping to share with you! I have only one made it, here it is.....
Cute new door hanging to match my classroom colors! Super cheap and easy! I picked up a round wooden plaque and a glittery foam letter M from Walmart. They were both under a dollar. Brought it home and mod lodges on some scrap book paper from Hobby Lobby (39 cents a sheet) and added a super cute ribbon to hang it with (also from hobby lobby $1.99 for a large roll). I love it and can't wait to hang it on my classroom door!

And there you have it! I wanted to share so much more but this past week my car started leaking oil! I was going down the road and it starts beeping telling me to stop the engine NOW!! Not good!! So now it's in the repair shop and who knows how much that is going to cost!! 

Then I was working away on digital resources to show you all today and my computer DIED!! I am still crying! I am going to take it in to the shop this afternoon and see if it can be repaired! I am praying the answers yes and the first thing I will do if it gets fixed is backup all
My stuff! Yeah I should have already done that, I've been saying I'm going to but my computer was not having any trouble now I'm kicking myself big time!! 

So I am off to see what I can do to get things fixed, trying not to break the bank!! Hopefully I will be back soon with good news! 

I am posting from my phone so I can't add Tara's beautiful button :( Please don't forget to head over and see what others have made this Monday! 


  1. Amy,

    Your letter is cute! Sorry about the car and computer troubles. Hope you're fixed up soon!


    Teaching Little Miracles

  2. Amy, Are you using dropbox? I back a lot of my files up there. Then I have them at home and at school. There are other free sites if you don't like dropbox. I hope you didn't loose anything. Good luck!

  3. I had that happen to me and the districts computer people downtown found all of my files. I was so relied. I do "Back" everything up on a hard drive that I bought from Best Buy now. I just hope nothing happens to that. Hope they found all of your files and it was an easy fix.

    Your Monday Make It looks so familiar to what I am going to work on tomorrow. I went today and bought 4 wooden plaques (2 square and 2 oval) and I am painting on the wood instead of using scrapbook paper using your binder theme that I bought. I will post about it next Monday.
    Once again, great minds think alike. Have a great week.


    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis


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