Five for Friday!

Already the school year is flying by. I am loving 2nd grade, these little guys and gals have my heart! They are so much fun, and we've been so busy, I wish I had more time to take pictures and share it all but I just haven't. So today I'm sharing 5 things that have been going on these past few weeks and linking up with Doddle Bugs teaching for...
So here we go five random things from my week (or month - ha ha!)..

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We started Reading Warm-Up a couple of weeks ago after I read Amanda's Amazing Post , at it has worked WONDERFULLY! We use the first 5 minutes of our reading block to do a little fluency and comprehension practice in partners. If you want to know more about what's in the folders head on over to Teaching Maddeness to see her set up, I'm doing it just like she describes! Thanks Amanda for sharing such a great idea!

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We celebrated Grandparent's day last week. It was a wonderful time of meeting all the amazing grandparents who support their grandchildren. I couldn't get enough of their interviews, so precious. I hope they will keep them and treasure them! Thanks to Kelly Dolling's Thank Goodness for Grandparents packet  and Kindergarden Squareds Grandparents day Mini Unit planning was a breeze. We wrote letters to give them when they came in. Then students and grandparents rotated through the different activities, a grandparent word search, interview, roll-a-grandparent, and a coloring page. I think everyone enjoyed themselves and I loved it!

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We are a small school, we don't have a technology teacher - we teach computer to our own class. I really do love teaching my students how to use the computer but the first few trips to the computer lab were a little hectic. Most of them know how to use a tablet or a phone, but haven't had nearly as much experience with a desktop computer, especially one that you need a username and password to log into it. So it took us some time to get use to. This picture is a celebration of the fact that this week everyone logged in to their computer and got started on our typing program all by THEMSELVES! YEAH!! They are doing great. I'm looking forward to teaching them all about powerpoint soon!

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 We went on our first field trip this week and it was great! We went to a county park where there is an operating flour mill. We learned how corn flower was made 100 years ago, and how it has advanced today. 
We saw the how the mill works and the miller gave us a bag of cornmeal along with a cornmeal muffin recipe to try out. It was very educational and we all had a lot of fun. It was a beautiful park where we ate lunch and in the afternoon when on an insect hunt. Another great first for me as a classroom teacher!

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Finally this is coming together! My fall fluency set is almost ready, I plan to have it posted this weekend so look for it in my store soon! It's taken me forever since I've been so busy, but I love how it's turned out! Can't wait to share it with all of you.

Don't forget to enter the Barker Creek Giveaway I posted This week. You could win a set of magnetic high frequency words. Today is the last day to enter!

Happy Friday Everyone, I hope you enjoy your weekend. The fall weather here in Indiana is beautiful so I hope to spend some time outside enjoying it. I'll be back with more soon!
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  1. What a fun week! Isn't it funny that, for kids, desktop computers seem almost outdated? They're more familiar with newer, more advanced stuff. Th flour mill and grandparent interviews look like so much fun!


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