My Classroom(s)!

I really wanted to start of by showing the transitions I've made over the past three years from sharing a room with another teacher and a para, to sharing a room with the supplies, to having my own room! And a room that I love, love, love, loved!!! Then to High School/Middle School were I didn't really have a room of my own.

Anyway I wish I could show you what my teaching space was like, but I didn't even take pictures of the rooms! So I will explain the best I can and throw in the few pictures that I do have for you to see.

My first year teaching I was just so happy to have a job! I knew I would be sharing a room, was assigned my corner and jumped in! It was a good space, and I managed to make it my own! I liked it and the kids did ok , but it was just too small! I did manage a couple of pictures - my husband was playing with the camera as I was finishing up some set up work, my kids are at my table reading!
 My desk and plastic drawers with all the supplies needed for small groups
 Phoneme bulletin board, I had only this small space, so I actually put this over the old blackboard and bought a mid-sized white board for working with my students
 This gives a little view of how small the space was!
 My treasure box, a few "read to" friends, books on tape (hanging from a clothes drying rack) all behind my table!
My small library, in my bright tubs labeled by subject, and on plastic shelves, also behind my desk.

At the end of the year I gladly took the "supply room" when it was offered. I moved all the supplies into one of the two bathrooms and the corner area that had cubbyholes for coats and backpacks ( I didn't need them since students don't store anything in my room). The set up pretty similar to my "little corner", it a bit larger space. I  kept my library the same, except for adding a few new tubs and labeling them with Accelerated Reader levels. I set up centers around the room for working with words, reading, and math. Again I liked it but  every time someone needed supplies they were in and out, so it got hectic at times!

Then another room became available and the supplies could be relocated! I finally had my own room! And I turned it into the most amazing learning space, but alas, did not take one single picture of it! I am so sad about that now! I had a wonderful word work center, with "word cans"  for each student, the sight words they were working on individually were inside. They had a variety of tools for practicing words (inspired by The Sisters and daily 5) and the word wall was right above it easily accessible.

The reading center was complete with 7 book shelves and 65 colorful tubs filled with books at all reading levels! Bean bags, pillows, and several "read to" friends.

I created a cooperative play center filled with puzzles and games to help kids practice social skills.

I took great care in hanging student work from the ceiling, and creating a "friendship" wall I us where I displayed  pictures of each student in their own frame they decorated. We changed the pictures once a month, and people added compliments to each others "compliment's card".

We used our "recommend a book" wall often. I got a free banner from Vista print and postcards to write recommendations on.

In May we were notified that because our state was cutting funding to schools teachers would be laid off, a very sad day for our students and staff! I wasn't laid off, but I was relocated to the high school/middle school where I didn't really have a classroom.

You can find updated pictures of my new classroom on the "classroom tab" at the top of this page.


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  3. Where did you get your book tubs?!
    (comment on my page and let me know please! Those are the colors of my room!)


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