Meet the Teacher Monday

I'm playing along with teacher week over at Blog Hopping! So Today let me tell you a little about me!!

A Little About Myself:

My name is Amy Marshall. I am a mother of two children (Amber 13 & Andrew14) whom I adore!! I've been married to my wonderful husband Scott for 15 years!

We live in a small town in south west Michigan where I was born and raised and now teach! I love to read, write, and crochet!

My family and I enjoy time at the beach in northern Michigan where my husbands family owns a cabin and we spend most of our summers!!

We have a little dog named Biscuit! He's a lot of fun - and trains easily my daughter has him sitting, standing on his back feet, speaking, and rolling over on command!

How Long Have you Been Teaching?

This will be my fourth year teaching! I have been a K-5 special education teacher for the past three years - but moved to the High School this year! I'm very nervous about my new assignment and trying to get some ideas on paper before the first day. Teachers go back next Monday, students won't come until September 6th!

You Might Not Know:

That I want to publish a children's book! I've been working on one for a while and am trying to figure out all the tricks of the publishing trade. I don't know if I can get it published but it's been my dream since I was in Kindergarten and had a wonderful teacher that inspired me to write!!

Things I'm Looking Forward to Most This Year:

Getting in my classroom and getting started! I'm so stressed about how to start the year right now I can't wait for the 2nd week of school so at least I will know my students a little and have some idea of what I will be doing for the rest of the year!

What do I need to improve On?

Classroom management at the secondary level is going to be tricky for me - I'm having a really hard time just figuring out how to do it! Run a class store? specific rules and procedures for everything? give them a little more freedom? I just don't know where to start and I've got to be starting soon!!

What Teaching Supplies Can I not Live Without?

 Chart paper and markers for group work and anchor charts, books books books, and a little chocolate!!

That's me! Thanks for reading! Can't wait to read all about everyone else this week!!


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