Cleaning and Laminating!

I've been busy cleaning my house, organizing closets, getting rid of things I don't need or use anymore. I always love to do this kind of purging before school. I feel like I get  a fresh start here before the new year and everything gets crazy again.

I've also been laminating! I can't believe all the wonderful activities that I've gotten from all your wonderful blogs this summer! 150 lamination pockets later, this is what I've got!
You can't see all the little pieces but I've made over twenty activities! I am so excited to add all my new materials to my classroom. While some aren't applicable to my class this year many are still usable even at the higher grades for my students with disabilities. 

I still have several more on my computer to print and make - gotta make a trip to target to get more ink and lamination pockets! ...and I may have to stop by the dollar spot just to see what they've got :)

Thank you to everyone for sharing your creativity with others! I truly appreciate the fact that I was able to download a lot of this for free! I am so grateful that I found this wonderful world of blogging this summer. It has been inspiring to see all that you do for your students!


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