Classroom Reveal 2013!

I have been hard at work in my classroom for the past several days! I am happy to share with you how it has all come together! So here it is.....
View from the doorway looking in!
The "Library" with Anchor chart display above!
The "7 kinds of Smart" posters above anchor charts are a part of my data collection unit! The book shelves are made by placing boards I got at Menards for $1.99 on top of crates! It worked wonderfully to create a short - long shelf! 
Group table, plastic drawers, do you see the baskets hanging from the white board?? I used binder clips to hang baskets to hold dry erase markers, erasers, and magnetic clips! I love them :) Last year I kept knocking the bucket over and creating a messy distraction, this will be a great way to make sure they stay in one place!
Our schedule on the left side or the board, calendar to the right with my birthday display and Life Skills of the month posters underneath. The community supply drawers are also to the right in front of my teacher area!
The Supply drawers, pencil dispenser, eraser holders, and all the things we need for small groups!
The supply drawers are in front of my teacher computer table!
My teacher area!
I am loving this space, it will be good to have a place to work on all the paperwork I do as a special education teacher. I don't have a big desk, just the computer table and a file cabinet!
The wall behind my teacher area, you can see the teacher tool box and the pencil I made this summer! Lots of motivation going on!
Focus wall, interactive student notebooks in the bins on the counter, and a small group table!
Close up view of the focus wall!
 View from the focus wall looking out to the group table, you can see the student computers and the Behavior support system wall behind them (more on that in another post!) and the data wall to the right!Data wall minus a couple of headings that I needed to print but ran out of ink! I can't wait to start setting goals and tracking our progress!!
From the back of the room looking out! See the board in front of the drawers?? It needs to go up in that blank space on the wall. It has all the emergency procedures on it! I used a magnetic white board that was beat up and looking bad, covered it and made a way to put up the procedures and easily change them out when they change!

You can also see some birds on the door! I forgot to take a picture of the hallway, and it's so cute!! So look for that later too!

There it is! I can't wait to welcome students in next week for a whole new year of learning! Thanks for taking the tour!!


  1. Your room looks great. I really love the spot for the anchor charts above the library area. It is such a great idea!

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  2. Your room looks great! I hope next week goes smoothly for you!
    A Day at the Beach with Fourth Grade

  3. What a cute room! I know your kids will love it!
    Rambling About Reading

  4. Your room looks awesome! I love the basket idea :)

    Fluent in Fourth

  5. Your room looks really cute! I love the supply drawers, such a cute way to organize your supplies.

    Hope your first week of school goes smoothly.

    Resource Room Rules

  6. I love the supply bins with the corner shelves (rounded). That looks great!
    Thinking of Teaching

  7. I like the rounded corner shelves too! Can you tell me more about your focus wall and how it is different from your goal wall? I am curious...I thought it was pretty neat. Erin

  8. Hi Erin, the focus wall is changed weekly based on the skills we are learning. Each week I display a learning target (standard) a Skill (such as cause/effect, connections, ect.) and a strategy (note taking, re-reading, close reading) for each subject. Most of this information comes from the reading series we use. The goal wall is where we set goals for end of unit or grading period. Such as We will score an average of 70% on the end on unit reading test covering cause/effect. and we track our progress, set new goals, ect. each month. I hope that helps but if you want more info. feel free to email me at

  9. Amy, your room is absolutely amazing! You've sparked my 'I've got to do that!" Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful year. I'm now following your blog and can't wait to see what you post next.

  10. AHHH! I LOVE everything about your room! I used the boho birds, too! SO cute! And the drawers and shelves in front of are desk - SUCH a great idea! Your rug is super cute too!

    Adventures in Multigrade

  11. I love your room! Like Laura, I love the rug!! Do you remember where you got it? Mine is beat up and dreary, I've been looking for a bright fun one!


  12. Your room looks fantastic and oh so organized!

  13. Amy, Your room looks fabulous:) I love the colors!

    The Resourceful Apple

  14. I love your classroom! Any idea where you got the white corner shelves, I want one of those!

    Growing Special Seeds

  15. Thanks Danielle, I got them at Walmart a couple of years ago in the closet organizer section, I wasn't able to find a link online to Walmart but I did see that Lowes has them! Hope that helps!

  16. Your room looks fantastic! I love our anchor chart wall. Do you have different classes/groups of kids that will use each section? I have three different classes this year and have been working on a way to still create charts with them and have some order to storing and using them!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  17. Pinning your room!
    New follower :)
    ~ Kristin

  18. I LOVE the supply drawers! What I use is not sturdy enough. Where did you get the drawers and the wood cubes they are in (or did they come together)? Your classroom is beautiful and inspiring! Just what I needed at this time of the year!!! Thanks!

    1. Thanks!! I got everything at Wal-Mart! The wooden shelves were in the closet organization area and the drawers were with the plastic storage. They just happen to fit perfectly!

  19. I just love your supply drawers with the corner shelves on each side!!! They fit together perfectly! Love the focus wall too!It all looks great!

    The Bender Bunch

  20. Wow! It looks great. What a welcoming feeling as I look at the pictures. I bet the children love coming to you! ♥

  21. It looks great Amy! I am going to keep an eye on your goal tracking-that is my focus this year. Your cool way to display their progress has caught my eye so please share more when you get time, Heather

  22. You're classroom looks amazing! I noticed you're a new follower of my blog. It's nice to find another resource teacher! I'm excited to follow your blog!

    Rockin' in Resource Room

  23. I love your classroom! I was just hired as be a resource & consultant teacher for grades 5-7 this Fall and am so inspired by your blog. Thank you for sharing!


  24. What can I say that hasn't already been said!? Everything looks so amazing and organized!! Thank you so much for linking up!
    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

  25. I LOVE all the storage that you have, especially the supply bookcase! I also am digging the basket hung on the board ledges... clever idea! Have a great school year.

  26. Your classroom looks amazing, Amy! I just found your blog through Pinterest. I'm a retired elementary school teacher & I always enjoy seeing what teachers are doing in their classrooms. Have a wonderful, successful year!


  27. LOVE your room, your focus walls, and especially the fact that you shared it all! I'm hosting my first linky party at my blog, on a post where I share photos of my room. I'd love for you to come by and add your post so my readers can find and be inspired by you!

    Have a wonderful year,


  28. Amy, I just found pictures of your room on Pinterest, and I absolutely LOVE your entire classroom this year!! I am a resource teacher (1st-5th) and I'm always trying to find new ideas for organization. I'm totally in love with your white shelves with the sterlite drawers. Do you have any interest in sharing them? The pictures don't zoom in far enough to see what all you have in there! Thanks,


  29. I LOVE how you have the sterlite drawers inside the cube organizers! What an amazing idea! And they fit perfectly! So organized it makes my heart happy! Love your room!!

    Creating & Teaching

  30. I love your room! Could you provide a close-up pic of the baskets and how they are hung from the whiteboard? I would love to use your idea :) Thanks!!!

  31. I hope this still gets to where I need it to. I am wondering where you found or how you made the supply drawers with the rounded shelves at each side? I'd like to use it for student mailboxes but I just love how it is set up with the shelves on each side.

  32. I love the storage units in front of your desk. Where did you find the shelving units and what size are the plastic drawer units?


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