Great Resources from Flash Kids!

I am always looking for great resources to use with my students, and I found some great products from Flash Kids that I wanted to share with you!

I am really trying to focus on mastery of math facts and looking for fun games that take little to no prep and give the students the practice they need without drilling flash cards. I am excited to use these games.....
They are simple to play and will give my students lots of practice with all of their basic multiplication facts without feeling like they are doing work!

I also got these workbooks that I think are going to be great....
This book has great review questions to reinforce concepts taught and get kids thinking at a higher level, something we always struggle with! The bright colorful pages and variety of skills practiced makes it perfect for a review activity or extension activity when we have a little extra time to fill! If you click on the picture you can read more about it and even download a couple pages to get a feel for what the problems look like.

I really love this one....
It is full of great stories and activities to review concepts such as main idea, story sequence, drawing conclusions, summarizing, and using evidence from the text. Again the pages are colorful and the activities are presented in a way that makes them interesting. I think this will be perfect for using as an independent activity in a reading comprehension center or even as an informal assessment. Click on the picture to read more and download a story for yourself!

I love finding new materials that I think are perfect for my students. Flashkids has a wide variety of inexpensive products that would make great tools in the classroom or at home! Visit their website to find resources for students of all ages, great information, and free downloads so you can preview before you buy! I'm looking forward to using their resources and I think you will enjoy them too!

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  1. These products are great! I used them with my 4th grade special education class. Each student received a different book based on their independent skill levels. Not only did they love the activities, but they were extremely helpful. Hopefully your students will have the same response =)


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