Christmas Crafts!

I have been looking all over for some cute Christmas Crafts I haven't tried yet so I am looking forward to reading all the wonderful things I know you will all post. I love to craft, before teaching I created things with  my kids at home all the time. Here are a few of my favorite projects........
Using this template from we make our own elves on the shelves, I put the kids picture on the face - they were so cute last year but I was so horrible at taking pictures before blogging I never even got one!

Reindeer cards, using one piece of brown paper folded in half and cut out the bottom to make the two legs, the piece left over makes the head and antlers, a red pompom nose and wiggly eyes plus a strip of black for the hoofs and the kids write a message inside to their parents. We've also made these and recorded reindeer facts inside for a cute display.
We made these presents using rectangular pieces of white card stock - marble painted, cut a small strip off the top glue a picture in between the pieces and add a mini bow! We put these under our hand print trees. You have probably all seen the trees made from hand prints - we did individual trees with each families hands (I sent home green paper and asked that they trace and cut out a set of hands for each family member) mounted on red paper and with their presents underneath.

I am looking for new ideas and can't wait to see what you are all doing!

Christmas Week



  1. I really love the Elf On the Shelf! Is it still okay these days to do Christmas crafts and not just Holiday crafts? I am studying special ed but haven't been full-time in a classroom yet, so I wondered about that!

  2. At my school it is totally Christmas but we are a small school with a religious student body, almost everyone attends the same church in town! I did work at a school where we had to do Holiday rather than Christmas so I think it just depends on where you work!


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