Thankful Thursday!

Another Thanksgiving Freebie today! My little guys love moving around and acting silly! I've had a couple of games I got from my son's kindergarten teacher that we've played a lot - the kids still love them even after I am sick of them!! So I decided to make a thanksgiving version!

The ones I have are called "Buzz" and "Wiggle" they are the simplest little things to make, an index card with each letter of the alphabet on them (or numbers, or colors, or shapes, whatever you're working on) and a few with the words "Buzz" or "Wiggle" on them, mine have original artwork of worms and bees added - I made them before I even owed a computer!! Place all the cards in a box or bag - I got some cute little gift bags from dollar tree for mine- students reach in without looking and draw a card, if they choose a letter/number card they have to name the letter or number, if they get the coveted "buzz" or "wiggle" everyone has to buzz around the circle, or wiggle on the floor like a worm!

Adding the movement makes their day and they are learning!! Yeah it can get a little loud, but I teach in small groups so it isn't too bad for me - and as long as they are learning we can get a little loud once in a while! If we really need to be quite i just tell them we can only play if they use their best whisper voices!! It works because they love playing these games!!

Here's the turkey version - I can't wait to play with my kiddos, hope someone else will be playing too!

Gobble Gobble


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