Look what we are hatching!

Today's Story....

 We made elephant ear head bands -
you can get the printable here!
 then decorated eggs, and made up what was hatching from ours!! 
And we got a little bit creative!
  a blue bird, a persons, a little boy,
 a lawn mower and a cat! LOL!!
 Here they all are in their elephant ears holding their eggs!
They cracked me up today talking about Dr. Seuss one boy swears he saw him when he was having surgery I tried to explain that he was not that kind of Dr. but he insists. Another little guy visits Dr. Seuss all the time, he has several medical issues and is sure that the picture I have of the Dr. is the same person he sees almost weekly! He's even been to Dr. Seuss' house! They are so funny!! 


  1. Haha! Super cute! Horton Hatches the Egg is my favorite children's book of all time! Great ideas! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac

  2. I love the ears! The whole concept of a medical doctor being different than a PhD doctor is difficult to understand, let alone the fact that a man called himself a doctor and was neither! At least you can be sure they'll remember his name!

  3. Cute!! We're going to have to make these in my classroom!!

    First Grade Magic


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