Winners!!! and a Freebie

Blogger has been giving me trouble this weekend! For some reason when I post an old post shows up in the news feed and google reader with a bunch of jummbled HTML code! It's driving me insane! Anyone know why this is happening??? I've also gotten a LOT of spam comments and my numbering is off because of the "reply" feature - each comment is numbered twice, but I've noticed other blogs are not off, is there a trick to that as well???

Anyway on to the important stuff-the winner of my 300 follower giveaway is...
Jennifer of First Grade Dream!! I will be sending you an email so you can get your gifts! Thanks again to everyone who participated, I always love reading your comments and gaining new followers!

I also participated in a Valentine Giveaway through the Be My Valentine Exchange with Catilin and Sarah,
Congrats to Kim Patton for winning this clipboard/sticky note holder set...
I love how it turned out, I hope she does too!

For everyone else who follows, I wanted to thank you as well, here's a freebie Valentine Bingo with letters, Hope you can use this I can't wait to use it myself, my kiddos are going to love it!!
I had a great weekend! Here's to a very happy Monday Morning! 


  1. Thank you for rating my free alpha letters! I am officially following..P.S. Thank you for the freebie as well (-:

    The3AM Teacher

  2. Yay!! I am so excited that I won!! Your Valentine Giveaway clipboard and sticky note holder look fantastic!

    The First Grade Dream


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