Fab finds and Pinterest inspiration! (Giveaway still going on)

Today nothing went as planned! I wanted to get the house clean, organize, rearrange, but my daughter had a horse lesson to go to - after which my husband said how about we go out to lunch, that lead to a trip to Dollar Tree and Target, then a stop at Menard's for the hubs and needless to say not a whole lot of cleaning got done, but I did get plenty of supplies so the spring cleaning can begin tomorrow!! Here's what I did get done today...

Originally inspired by a pin from Create Teach Share that I'm sure you have all seen on Pinterest
I absolutely love this (do I say that a lot??) I got the organizer at Menard's for $8.00, I liked the 15 smaller drawers and 2 larger drawers for my set up it works really well!
I made the labels pink, black, and white to match my theme I've started since finding all the cool organizers in those colors at Target over the last few months. Printed, laminated and attached with double sided tape. I added cute ribbon to the container between the drawers (the container was gray) in matching colors with double sided tape as well.
Here are my fab finds...
 bugs and nets/magnifying glasses from Target - going to put them in the sensory bin!!
 flower and butter fly plant picks, going to use as "trackers/pointers" in reading groups!

 This is a center I'm working on! Got the "pots" at Menard's, they are actually egg dying cups 10 for a dollar, and worked perfectly. I got the silk flowers and flower foam from Dollar Tree. I put green foam in each cup, and I'm working on labels with numbers for each pot, the kids will put the correct number of flowers in each pot! I think it will be a fun center for them :)

And don't forget my giveaway going on all week long!! Click on the picture below to check it out!

Hope your all having a wonderful Tuesday! Can't help but feel my break slipping away - AHHH!


  1. I have NOT seen that organizing box! So cute!


    Apples and ABC's

  2. SUPER great ideas! I love them! Where did those picks come from? Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Thank you Amy for sharing your finds.Love to see new ideals.

  4. Oooooo....I love that organizer!!! I haven't seen it on pinterest! I am soooo pinning yours. I may have to make one for our gift exchange at school.

    Thanks for the inspiration--I mean Pinspiration!!!

    Live Laugh and Love to Learn

  5. I haven't seen that on Pinterest but I do have one of those organizers that I use to keep my kids' word study words in them. This is the first year I've done that and it seems to have been a big hit. Not nearly as many word study cards on my floor as last year :) Will have to hunt and find that box again :)

    Following Optimism in 2nd Grade

  6. I love the organizing box! What is a Menards? I live in New York and we don't have those here. Thanks for sharing all your ideas and finds!

    The Eager Teacher Blog

  7. Menards is a home improvement store similar to Home Depot or Lowes!

  8. You are so organized Amy!!!! SO IMPRESSIVE!!!!

    I need you to come up here and help me! Summer? We've got a beach!!

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  9. I haven't seen that organizer, but I love that so much!! Those are pretty fabulous finds! ...except the bugs, I couldn't buy those because there are spiders! I can't even touch fake ones! And...dare I admit it? But the pictures of them in any of my teachers editions are covered up with sticky notes, which the kids don't know lest they use it against me, lol. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!


  10. LOVE the organizer. I'm heading over there to pin now! ;-)


  11. I just tagged you, organization queen, I'm sorry. If you don't have time - no worries!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade


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