So Excited!!

It was a long rainy day here in Michigan - L-O-N-G - and after school I had Girls on the Run practice. As soon as I got there I learned the other supervising teacher could not stay today and I would be all on my own with my girls!! Normally that would be ok, but today it was raining pretty hard and we had to stay inside, that means lots of noise, along with parents and younger siblings sitting around "watching" or more like distracting, so it was kinda chaotic and I really couldn't wait to get home!!

On the drive home I called the hubby to tell him how L-O-N-G my day had been (that may have been a hint that I did not feel like cooking dinner tonight) and in the mist of our conversation he said the UPS man was in the drive, I immediately got excited because we both know the UPS man only comes for me!! I also knew it must be my Blog Exchange gift!! I may have been speeding a little trying to get home and get to that package :)

I could not wait to open it, and when I did I literally squealed like a kid on Christmas morning, my kids even came to see!! They are pretty use to me getting packages but they wanted to know what had me so excited...LOOK at it....
Isn't it adorable!!!! I pinned this months ago and every time I look at that pin I know I want to make one - but I've never got around to it!! And I think this one is great,  I couldn't  have done it any better!!!
 It looks so cheery on my kitchen counter, I don't know if I will share it with my class or not!!
I am still sitting her admiring it, and my family is waiting for the go ahead to dig in to the candy!!

Thanks to Bonnie Walton from Living a Wonderful Life for making this for me!! It's so perfect :)

Head on over tho Teacher Blogger Exchange to see what everyone else is getting in the mail!



  1. I am SO glad you like it! It would've been there a little sooner, but I decided at the last minute it looked a little bland and added the polka dots! This was so fun and I really enjoyed stalking your blog and pinterest boards to get ideas :)

    Living A Wonderful Life

  2. I have this pinned on my boards too! But I think I want this one more than the other! Love, love, love it!


  3. Too cute!! I will be pinning it for a summer project!

    First Grade Magic

  4. Oh.. I want to do this next time! How fun :)


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