Data Collection and Freebie Friday!

It's late but It's not Saturday yet so I've got some freebies for you :)

I mentioned last week that I was working on my data wall and student data folders. We are using data folders to allow students to see their own progress and set goals for themselves. The data wall is a collaboration between all of us, I collect the class data we look at it together and decide what our goals as a class should be. Here's what the data wall looks like.........
 Our data graphs are at the bottom, I used page protectors so that we could slide the graphs in and easily change them, we haven't set our goals yet but they will go just above the graphs. At the to top are some questions that we are going to discuss, I printed them out and laminated them so we can write on them and erase when they change.

The questions say "Why do we need data?"  "What types of data can we collect?" "What did we do well?" "What can we do better?" I can't wait to see what the students come up with next week!!

The student data folders hold their personal data. I used their IEP goals as the targets for each subject, reading, writing and math! First I made this cute cover for them.......
 I love them!! You can have them too....this freebie is at the bottom of this post.
 Each target has a cover sheet, starting with reading comprehension......
 Then a graph to track progress visually.......
 and finally the testing probes for that target
 this is a MAZE reading comprehension passage. The students completed three stories and averaged the score.
 next is reading fluency.....
 We completed one minute timed reads at their independent reading level
For Math we used CBM computation worksheets and they did a 2 minute test
Finally, Writing.....
I added a set of writing prompts for them to write about and gave them two minutes to write
Then counted each word spelled correctly, it had to be capitalized if it needed to be, and each punctuation mark for correct word sequences per minute (this type of scoring came from Aimsweb).

I used my comb binder to bind them and they are placed near our data board so students have access to them. After completing our first round of assessments each student met with me to set a goal for each subject, their goals will go in this book as well! I think they are going to be great for the students to actually see how much they grow!! Can't wait to see the progress they make!

and now for the freebies.......

First, the data folder covers
and I also want my learning targets/standards posted each day so I created these posters to match my room, I am working on creating standard cards that can Velcro onto the sign but for now I just write on them with a dry erase marker and erase them when I need to change them.

Don't forget to check out Blog Hoppin for tons more freebies (click on the picture below to go on over)!!!
Happy Friday Night!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Where did you accumulate all of your probes from? I LOVE it! I just inherited another school last week. It works kind of strange. I am only out there once a week for about an hour. Otherwise I am managing a para who is working with the kiddos there full time. I love the way that there are graphs, and the probes right there. If you could share how you found those resources I may try to replicate that as an easy way to have the para document progress and to know where to go next when I'm not always there.

  2. So, my entire organizational life in school is cutiefied thanks to you! I have frames sitting on my dining room table and have been waiting for the perfect learning targets and here they are! Maybe you could add Social Studies, Science, and ELA... Life would be complete for me, then, HAHA. No, really, thank you so much for all you do, it is more than enough to have someone like you give us the tools we need.

    Much Love!

  3. Thanks for the Learning Target posters. Thats a great idea! You will have to come to my blog and see your creations up in my classroom. I also have my Pensive all done with your wonderful documents also. I'm not sure how all you bloggers and creaters do it with teaching also. I am just making it with teaching everyday.


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