Monday Made it...almost done!

My room is almost ready, can't wait to get those pictures up (still didn't remember my camera-ugg!), and professional development started today! Here are a couple of things I worked on this week......

Remember this pin???

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

I posted about how I wanted to make one this summer....and so here is my version

I didn't exactly follow the tutorial, I didn't want to sew that many little loops so I just ran the thread through the ribbon like this.....
then wrapped each strand of ribbon around a wreath I picked up at the Dollar Tree! I also added a larger ribbon and bow for hanging. It took 10 rolls of ribbon to cover the wreath well. I hot glued on the wooded flower I got from Walmart and modge podged on a "M" sticker! The whole thing cost $12 to make!

I finally finished my classroom "rules" or expectations....Inspired by this pin

Here's mine......
I used the same ribbon I hung the wreath with and added a cute pink birdie from Walmart
My expectations are simple, Be respectful, Be responsible, Be safe, I added cards to further explain each of those three and I've found that anything a student does can fit into one of those categories. The final card has my name on it and I have everyone in my class agree to follow the rules and sign the poster. I remind them when things are going to far that they pledged to do these 3 things and let them know which one they are breaking.

Here's the cards if anyone wants to use them
Class Expectations

Head on over to Tara's Blog and see what everyone else has created!!!
Now I am off to try and fulfill all the requests in my inbox! I know your all anxious to get your rooms and binders in order so I'm trying to get to them as fast as possible. I hope to be able to stop in my room tomorrow long enough to get pictures to share!! And don't forget I'm giving away a Shabby Apple Dress!!! Click here to enter, it's a fantastic prize!!


  1. These are SUPER! At our school, we have Gator ABC's, which means we Act RESPONSIBLY, Be RESPECTFUL, and Care for self & others. These rules you made go perfectly with that, and will look great with my colors:) Thanks sooo much!!
    Synonym Rolls & Antonym Moments

  2. I love your rules, how you list each expectation and then what those expectations look like! I also love your wreath - wow! - looks great! I can't wait to see pictures of your new classroom.


  3. Your projects came out great! I LOVE your wreath!

    Success in Second Grade
    Don’t forget to check out My Summer in Pictures Linky Party

  4. love this.....can i get this in black and white polka/red? smile

    1. Demetria, I can do it but I need an email to send them to!

  5. LOVE this!! I teach 4th grade and would like to be able to "grow up" a few of the specific expectations. IF I gave you the wording could you do that for me? Your colors and dots are perfect for my Dot on Chocolate theme.
    Fun Times in 4th Grade

    1. Hi Karen, I can do that if you let me know what you want it to say and give me an email address I can send it to!

  6. I love your expectations! Could you make a set with your blue/green dot theme?


    1. Erin, I can do that if you give me an email to send them to!

    2. My e-mail is

      Thanks so much!

  7. thank you SOOOO much for sharing! Love it!

  8. You are so creative!! I LOVE your wreath & classroom expectations!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  9. I love this. I was wondering if you could change the pink to blue?

  10. I love how the rules are simple and easy to follow!

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  11. LOVE this! Any chance you could do this in a red, white and black ladybug theme and leave off "Be a bucket filler."? I would love to make this for my classroom! :-)

    1. My email is :-)

  12. Could you use this same theme and add a rule that says "Fun to Be With"? This will work wonderful with our school wide theme (ARRFS)
    Fun to Be With

    Send to

  13. Your room looks so nice! I love your color scheme.
    The Hive


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