Birthday Blessings!

Tomorrow is my birthday! I decided to post today so that I could reserve tomorrow for the day of silence in honor of all those who lost their lives in the horrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary yesterday! It defiantly made me a little more vigilant as I sent my sweet little ones home yesterday and had me thinking about how vulnerable we really are! My heart goes out to all those affected, and prayers continually! I can not imagine their heartache!

Although in the light of the events that unfolded I didn't feel like celebrating much but I did want to share with you how sweet my students, co-workers, and friends have been this year!

First off one of my sweet friends from church made me this infinity scarf :) One of the greatest things about our move was finding a church where we have great friends and our children have a wonderful youth group to be a part of! She made my day when she gave me the scarf, just to know someone cared enough to remember my birthday and honor me with something handmade was so nice!!
Then I got to school and this was on my classroom door.....
Inside my classroom this awaited me........
Red velvet cupcakes, a gift, and card from another sweet sweet friend I've made since moving. My co-worker who also teaches special education (she has the younger students) has made me feel so welcome this year! I love working with her, she is so kind, and always paying me compliments on my creativity! She got me a calendar with a scripture for each day that I can't wait to read throughout the coming year and again a very nice card that warms my heart when I read it!

One of my students was also very kind, I am sure you all have students that don't have much themselves and when they do things like this it brings a tear to my eyes because I know they went above and beyond what money could buy, they gave from their hearts! Here is the card she brought for me......

The pictures are pretty blurry (all I had was my phone) but it was originally a card to a son, she crossed off every he, him, and son, and replaced them with girl, woman, and teacher. She crossed off Love, mommy and put her own name. She gave it to me along with an apology for only having boy cards but she "fixed" this one for me!!! How sweet is that!!

I am so thankful for our church, my job, the people I work with, and my students! I could not have asked God for more blessings with our move to Indiana this summer. It has been sooo full of his goodness. It make me appreciate them even more after such news as we've had this weekend! It makes me want to tell them all how much I do appreciate them everyday! Again my heart breaks for those who lost so much, and tomorrow I will join many other bloggers in a day of silence for the victims. Please pray for their families!!


  1. Happy Birthday Amy! Here's to many. many more :)


  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Loved the card from your student! H.


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