Christmas makes me think, Co-worker Gifts and Christmas Break!!!

I mentioned last year that I loved this book.........
 Christmas Makes Me Think
It has inspired me to write a poem about my own family and I wanted the kids to have that inspiration to. I want them to think about Christmas and what it really means, what they know deeper inside and not just surface stuff! So I created a template for them to brainstorm their idea and a fill in the blank poem form. We wrote them out onto Christmas stationary and glued them to scrap paper backgrounds, added ribbons to the top and they turned out beautifully! Perfect in the hall under our hand-print tree!

I wanted to give my co-workers something nice for Christmas, I love them all and feel so blessed to be working with them so I started scouring pinterest and found this idea.............

I LOVE the way this looks and thought it would be perfect. I went in search of these plates and bowls but the bowls Target had this year had trees, penguins, and Santa on them so when you turn them upside down the picture was upside down to and it just didn't work. I bought the appetizer plates so they were smaller and finally found some little snack bowls at Dollar General and here's what I came up with........

The cookies on them are Oreo Cookie Balls, click on the words to get the recipe, I love them and they are so easy to make! Everyone I gave them to Loved them too!!!

I wrapped them up with some cellophane and tied a little bow and here's what they looked like when I gave them away.......
Since the bowls were so hard to find and I only ended up with the two colors (green and blue) I also used some candle sticks from the Dollar Tree as a base, added a bow and they turned out beautiful too! I didn't get a picture to share of those!

Here's what I came up with for my secret Santa......
 It's a glass box, I just added lights and garland inside (silver and blue), then added a wooden "S" (got at Hobby Lobby, painted black and make polka dots with a white paint pen) to the outside with some E-6000 glue! Then tied on a beautiful bow to make it look like a gift!!
I loved it and so did she!! 

And now we are officially on break so I'm headed for the couch, right after I put on the PJs and grab a mug of hot cocoa! Later the hubby and I are going out to celebrate our birthdays and the kids are going ice skating with friends.We didn't end up with the snow they were saying we would but I'm hoping maybe we will get some tonight!!

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  1. We are making those Oreo cookie balls this weekend. They look great!

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