Fab Finds and a Couple of Projects for the Classroom!

I've enjoyed a little after Christmas shopping this week and picked up a few fab finds!
At Michaels I got these adorable note cards and Christmas Scentos for 10 cents each! The cards are blank so I could use them for notes or thank yous!!
 I picked up these super cute owl gift tags to make a game with
Here they are with multiplication facts written on the back and laminated, they make a great center activity!!
 I also got these penguins and the coasters below (from Mejier) to make games with! The tags were only 25 cents for 25 of them and the coasters were 24 for a dollar!
The Target dollar spot had a few new things including an assortment of alphabet stickers, I use them all the time for making centers and labeling things!
 Heart dice!
 Heart shaped note cards (blank inside) with cute little envelopes!
a pencil shaped notepad and duck tape in my classroom colors!!!

For myself I got these.....
red shoes from Kohls for $8.00!! I have been wanting red shoes this year to match this super soft red scarf I made!

And now the classroom projects! I want to start the new year off right, I've had some behavior issues including just the need to renew procedures and shake off that "break" is coming craziness, so I am going to implement a behavior chart. I debated with myself on how to do this, is it to "little kid" how else could I do it, but I need it to be simple and easy to use as well as consistent between my para-professional and I so I decided to go with the clip chart and make it not look so "little kidish" here's how it turned out.....
 I wanted to make sure it included good behavior as well as those that aren't great so that everyone can earn something and I can give it a positive approach!
 Close up of the top, trying to stay with classroom colors here!
These are the magnets with numbers on them, each student will have a number and it will move up and down depending on their behavior. I am looking forward to having something very consistent and easy to track in place!

I also have a couple of groups that overlap in time, one group comes in before the other leaves and I wanted to create a way that exit slips could be given for the first group to work on and turn in without disrupting me while I get started with the next group. I created this board...........
a sheet of foam board from the dollar tree, colorful frames also from dollar tree, and that duck tape from the dollar spot in target and it turned out really well I think! Each student will be given a large sticky note to write their exit "thoughts" on and then post it in a square I will know everyone's done when all the squares are full! 

I am hoping these couple of changes will create a better learning environment when we return from break, I have a couple more in the works but won't be able to get pictures of them until I am back in my classroom!!
Now I just have to get busy with the lesson plans!! 


  1. Love the before you go what do you know chart! How cute!


  2. Those are some fabulous finds, Amy! Looks like a trip to the Dollar Spot is in order...

    Love the 'before you go what do you know' board! It looks great!


  3. Are the heart dice from Target too? I LOVE them!

  4. Woo hoo! Those are some fabulous finds!!!
    Fun in Room 4B

  5. What a great "exit slip" idea! And, I love the idea of using winter-themed gift tags as game cards - perfect finds!

    The Classroom Game Nook

  6. love these ideas! I was thinking of changing up my behavior plan as well.

    ?Resource Room Rules

  7. I love the shoes!! I also need to stop by my Target very soon after seeing those cute finds.

    Darling Little Learners


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