Random Classroom happenings and a Fry Phrase Freebie!

I haven't had much time to blog lately, I've been sooo busy!! Report cards went out this past week and although I had collected all the data for my IEP progress reports I spent a lot of time reorganizing it and getting it all in order to actually get the progress reports done and sent home. It took way longer then I thought it would! I am soooo glad I got it done though because next time it should be really easy!!! I didn't get a picture of the data binders I'm using so I'll have to show you more about those later.

I was so fortunate to have another Donors Choose project fully funded and had a projector delivered this week. I can now use the document camera I got last year and the projector to project activities and make them more interactive. I am really anxious to get them up and running but I need to rearrange some things to make it all work! Hopefully it will be ready this coming week, and again I'll share more once it's up and running!

I also made a couple changes to our classroom routines. I have a bit of a confession to make....I LOVE the Daily 5 and CAFE concepts, but I just wasn't being able to make them work for my classroom this year :( I know BOOOO! I have tried to make them work but I am using the general education curriculum that takes up most of our time. I only have 30 minute  groups each day and I just wasn't finding the time to fit the other stuff in. So I decided that our CAFE board that has not changed in a couple months (YIKES) would be better utilized as a focus board for the different groups I see each day! Here's what it did look like......
This was before school started, we had added a couple strategies to each section but It was still looking bare

and here it is now........

I took the first day with each group to talk about our objectives and skill focus, then they helped create the posters that will be on display while we study that skill. We referred to it a lot this week and I am hopeful that it will be a much more functional display for us to use as the skills we are working on change for each group.

My second grade group is still working on fluency this week. We have been having such a wonderful time with the activities from my January Fluency pack. They loved playing the roll a phrase game this week and practicing poetry then reading it to the class. Next week we are going to be working on the readers theaters!

I started working on a February packet this week and wanted to share the Valentines Fry Phrase Game

Hope your all enjoying your weekend! I am so excited that we have Monday off because I still have sooo much I want to get done!! I hope to be back sharing more with you soon :)


  1. Hi Amy! Congrats on your projector and being able to use your document camera now. I wouldn't know what to do without mine!

    Your CAFE Board looks great. I have been using mine more and more (it's my first year for both D5 and CAFE).

    Teaching Little Miracles

  2. That should say your *converted* CAFE Board looks great!


  3. I'm in the same boat with Daily 5 and Cafe! ;)

  4. Hey Amy, I'm with you and Miss Nelson too....I've had to tweak and tweak this year. Funny about how we think something will work over the summer and how it changes during the year, huh? Nice to see you! :) :)

  5. I love your FOCUS board - so super colorful! I tried using CAFE too and it IS hard to get it all in. And - the game cards are cute too!

    Rachael Parlett
    The Classroom Game Nook Blog

  6. I should do what you did! I have up a board similar to your CAFE board, and it's rarely used! .. But, it looks so pretty! haha, I should probably switch it over to a focus board like yours, it looks great! =)

    I loove the fluency game cards! My students really need some work on fluency! Thanks for sharing =)

    The Resource Room Teacher

  7. Amy,

    I love your CAFE board and Focus Wall!!!!!

    Amanda Bryant
    A Traveled Teacher


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