April Showers Bring May Flowers!

I finally finished my April Fluency packet! I love how it turned out and I think you will too!
Click on the picture above to go to my store and check out the entire packet. My students have been loving these each month! Their fluency has improved greatly! One of their favorite things to do is read the pocket chart cards in their favorite "voices." I wanted to share the April cards with all of you so you could see how well they work with your students! 
Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out this product! I know your students will love it!! If they need to work on fluency this is a fun way to do it!


  1. I'm working on fluency with my fifth graders - they are definitely improving with practice. Whenever I give them a new paragraph that I will assess them on for fluency, I always say "read it to your mom, to your dad, to your sister, to your dog, and to the wall" to emphasize the true statement, "practice makes perfect" :)

    Thanks for sharing about your new product - I'm off to add it to my wishlist :)

    Joy in the Journey

  2. I have been watching for this! I was lucky to win your March Packet in Mrs. Russell's Giveaway. My students have been using the materials all month. I can see the improvement. I have added this pack to my wishlist for when I do my April shopping. Thanks for such a great product!!!!!!
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  3. Your April fluency unit is so adorable! I am running a fluency RTI group and they would love this!

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