We have a Winner - Main Idea Activity!

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And now let me tell you about an Activity that's been a real winner in my classroom this week! I have a group of 2nd graders who are struggling with main idea. They are good readers, but main idea is tricky and it just wasn't sinking in for them. So I went on a search for some resources to help them out! That is when I found Mrs. Daniel from Second Grade Sparkle! She has these amazing Main Idea Bags for fiction and non-fiction! and my students have LOVED them!

The "bags" each have three detail cards in them, the students read them then determine what the main idea of the three cards is. I put mine in "library" envelopes I got from the Dollar Tree, they worked perfectly!
I numbered each enveloped and used different colors to help me keep the fiction/non-fiction sets easily recognizable. I used my new Boho Birds stickers to make them cute!

We started out using them together in the pocket chart.....
The students all had their clipboards to record what their thinking was and we talked about what we each thought the main idea should be! They were so engaged look at them all working away!
After a couple of days practicing they got to take off on their own. I gave them each an envelope and they got to work!
I was so excited to see that they were actually getting it! I loved the work I saw. Most of them were actually giving great answers (we didn't use the "What do you think the main idea is?" cards yet). They kept coming back asking for more envelopes. Having them numbered helped me to go back and check once they were done!

I love this activity! The kids were excited about it and they were learning! Head on over to Mrs. Daniel's Store to check them out!!


  1. Yay!! How exciting to see this in action in your room! I am so happy that your kiddos had so much success with them.

    Thank you for writing about it and giving me such an amazing shout out!!

    Second Grade Sparkle

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