It's Currently June!

I can't believe that May has just flown by! I've been so busy and I haven't had time to blog much. I'm happy to be back today linking up with Farley for Currently! I am looking forward to posting a lot more soon! For now here's what I am up to currently...

I am listening to the A-Team - old school reruns! It's one of my families favorites these days, and I am usually working on my computer while they watch it but it still cracks me up sometimes!

I am loving the beautiful weekends we've been having with lots and lots of sunshine! When I wake up to streaks of light coming in the window it makes me smile every time!

I am thinking about SUMMER! We are making up snow days this week - all 5 days! It's wrapping up quickly and I'm definitely ready for the break!

I am wanting to share some big news here on my blog, but I'm not able to just yet! As soon as I can I will and I hope all my readers will be as excited as I am....there will be giveaways and freebies involved for sure!!!

I really need to finish my end of year paper work! Grades and progress reports are due tomorrow!! I've got to get on it, but that sunshine is just so distracting right now!! It's calling me outside for the afternoon!

This summer I am hoping to get some time to just relax! I know every teacher is going to want to do that! I am also hoping that we can get away for a short vacation to our favorite get away in northern Michigan we haven't been able to go for the past two summers because of our busy schedules and my husband's lack of time off at work. Hoping we can pull if off this year. Finally I want to read some good books just for fun, that's always on my summer list! I love reading but just don't have time to get wrapped up in a good book during the school year!

Stay tuned for more on the big news soon! Now head on over to Farley's blog and see what everyone else is up! Happy June!!
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  1. Hope that you will get lots of relaxation this summer. There's something about settling down with a good book as you soak in the sun that's so amazing! This 5 days will be over before you know it and then your summer will officially begin! Enjoy your last week with your students.

    Mrs O Knows

  2. Ooo I'm super excited for your big news!! Also, IN LOVE with your blog design! Super cute! :)


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