Monday Made it Week 3!!

Monday Made it week 3 already, summer is flying by so fast! I have been super busy and not getting  a whole lot done in the creating department! I do have a couple of things to share! So here's what I've been working on....

I found this adorable burlap ribbon at Walmart and knew I needed to make something with it. 
I've been updating some things I've made in the past with my new class colors, two years ago I did green and pink, last year I did red/blue/green/yellow. Four colors was to many but two kind of restricted what I could do so this year I'm going with just red/blue/green. So far I love it and can't wait to see everything up in my classroom!

Anyway I had a wreath I made in green and pink and decided to update with the new ribbon, here's how it turned out...
Honestly it took me several tries to figure out how I wanted to do this. I wrapped the wreath first but it didn't look great, and I couldn't get all three colors in like I wanted. Then I tried gathering the ribbon the way I had with regular ribbon in the past, but it didn't work well with the burlap. Finally I decided to just make little loops and glue them around the wreath. I added the bird to match the birds I"m using in my classroom. I may add "welcome" across the top but I've got to find some lettering I like!I think I'm going to go back and get more ribbon I think it would make great border for my bulletin boards!
And here is another free resource for you, Word Wall letters and Student Numbers in red/green/blue!
I hope you can use these! Click on the picture to download them!

So many creative teachers out these are working away go on over to Tara's Blog and see all the awesomeness created this week! Happy Monday!
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  1. Just followed you after finding you through MMI! Love the burlap.

    Math is Elementary

  2. Love the wreath!

    Down the Learning Road

  3. I have had those same colors for the last few years. It makes everything homey. :) Thank you so much for the freebie, I will definitely be able to use them!

  4. Gonna have to make a run to Walmart tomorrow. The blue and green go great with my polka dot themed classroom!

  5. That wreath looks awesome! I love the folding action happening :)

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  6. I just love the way your wreath turned out, Amy. And of course I love that you added the little bird to it also.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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