Christmas Makes Me Think!

I know I've blogged about my favorite Christmas books before, and this one has been a favorite for me since my son was in Kindergarten and I bought it for him.
I love that it gets kids thinking about others and what Christmas really means. So I read it to my class every year and we have done different projects to go along with it. This year I came up with something new!

After I read the book we brainstormed what Christmas makes us think about.  We revised our lists and wrote a complete sentence that started with Christmas makes me think of..., they filled in the blank.I printed off a simple thought bubble for them to write their final thoughts in.
Then they cut the bubbles out.

I used Krista's Character Doodle-A-Face Clipart  and printed off a head for each student. I let them chose which one they thought looked most like them. Some of them weren't close, but I just went with it. They loved picking out the perfect match for themselves!

They colored the heads to look like them and cut them out.
Then glued them to a piece of red or green construction paper with the thought bubble above it.
I love that Christmas makes her think of  Me!

I think they turned out great! I put them up on the bulletin board in the hall outside our classroom and I love seeing them every time I walk by! This was such a simple and fun writing project that they can keep and look back at year after year!

I will be blogging about all the other great things going on in our writing center soon! Come back and see all the Christmas fun we are having working on writing this month and grab some freebies! Thanks for reading.
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