Spectacular Secret Santa!

Some of us second grade bloggers decided it would be fun to be Secret Santa's this year. I love shopping for other teachers, and getting a surprise package in the mail is the best!! It's even more fun when you make a new friend and find a new blog to follow!! So I was super excited for this exchange. First let me tell you who ...
Mrs. Palmer was so thoughtful! She did a wonderful job picking gifts that were so me! She wrapped each one with a special little note, such a nice personal touch!!

I was like a little kid opening each one! I love all of it!

The playing cards are awesome, coming from Mrs. Palmer's home state. My students are going to love playing games with them. The canvas is so perfect, she even personalized it with buttons and ribbon in my favorite color!
 I already have plans for the super cute table cover, and that cup is going to get a lot of use too!

The glade plug is will keep our classroom smelling yummy this winter! I already have it up and love it!! The little notebook is for jotting down TPT ideas :)
Leaf sticky notes, right up my alley! I use these things all the time, already thinking of how we can use them next year! You can never have enough cute tape around these two rolls are adorable and have already been put to good use!

This snowman and snowflakes will keep our classroom cute and sparkly all winter!
Thanks you so much Mrs. Palmer! I loved everything and can't wait to use it all!

If you haven't seen Mrs. Palmer's blog Teachin' Thrifty you should head on over and check it out, she's got some great ideas for you!!

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