Friday Fun!

Here are a few fun things we did today (again -sorry  for the picture quality I keep forgetting my camera and have to use my phone!)
I made colored glue by adding some food coloring to white Elmer's Glue - it was kind of hard to stir up and I still don't have it all the way perfected once we use a little more I think I can stir in the rest of the glue at the bottom of the bottle. If anyone else has done this before and know a better way please let me know!
Each child had a card with their name on it - they are going to trace with the color glue!

They turned out really cute and will be a good tactile activity when they dry - the kids can trace over the letters with their fingers as they say the letter name or sound, it helps them learn how to spell and            write their names!
I got these cool magnet squares from the Dollar Tree they were meant for lockers, and the spinner is my latest freebie I got it with bonus points from my Scholastic Book orders!

They loved spinning the hand, when it stopped they had to say the color or shape it landed on then go over to the table and find the matching card
These are the cards - also from the Dollar Tree
It was a Fun Friday in my classroom,  hope you all had a great day and enjoy your weekend!


  1. How neat! I could use that idea for teaching geometry.

  2. Hi Amy! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm now following you! Cute idea with the glue.

    Teaching First

  3. thanks so much for entering the giveaway! I am a new happy follower, I love your ideas! :)


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