What a Great Day!

Today started off Awesome when I checked my blogger dashboard this morning and saw that I had won a giveaway!! Karen over at Flamingo Fabulous in Second Grade was having a giveaway for a cute pair of shoes she custom paints!! My students are going to love these!! If you want to know more you can check out her blog here

Then right after that Catlin over at Ms. Preppy posted that I had also won her giveaway for some super awesome fall units and a membership to graphics factory!! I have received the units and am so excited that planning for this week just got easier, and the kids are going to have so much fun!! If you want to know more you can check out her blog here

So winning two fabulous giveaways in one day totally got me off to a great start, Then I got to hang out with my beautiful sister for the afternoon!
This is me with my brother and sister (this was taken last year) I love them both so much and enjoy any time I do get to spend with them! 
After the last couple weeks I totally needed this day! Tomorrow I will be a whole new person getting ready for my week! It's a lesson I haven't learned very easily, but taking care of me does make me a better teacher! Hope your all having  a great weekend too!!


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  1. Yeah for you!!! I'm so happy you won all the units and the cute shoes! I hope you enjoy the units I sent you. If you have any concerns, etc. let me know. Thanks for following and supporting my blog and TpT store!

    Teaching First


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