I Won Another Giveaway!

I won three great giveaways this past weekend! I have been loving all the activities I got from units Ms. Preppy gave away. I can't wait to wear my shoes from Karen over at Flamingo Fabulous in 2nd grade for reading month. Now, I've won these Christmas Cards from Techy Teacher - (created at Shutterfly)
This is my entire family! My husband is to the far left, then me, my brother, my mom in the middle, my sister and her husband to the right. My son and daughter are to the left standing under us, next to them are my brother's twins. Sitting down to the left are my brother's other two children, and my sister's two are to the left (her son is the only boy to play along and wear a scarf with us)! I can't wait to send these out this year!

Then yesterday I won a $50 gift card to educational insights from Klienspiration!! I couldn't wait to go shopping and this is what I finally decided to go with......
 The hot dots system seems so fun and easy to use, I was able to get three sets (colors, shapes, and patterns) plus the dog pen with my $50 and a coupon for free shipping. I only had to pay the taxes!! Can't wait to get them and let my little ones try them out!!

It's been a very lucky week for me!! I am so close to 100 followers, and can't wait to reach that goal so that I can host a give away of my own! Stay tuned for your chance to be the lucky winner hopefully in the very near future!!


  1. WOW - you have been lucky!!!! Can you toss some luck my way? ;)

    Happy Friday Eve!


  2. Sure, Holly sending it on!!! These all came in the mail today! Super fast shipping!! I am so excited the cards look great and the Hot Dots are going to be so cool in the classroom next week!!

  3. I'm so happy that you are having a stroke of good luck! You deserve it!


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