Interesting find.....

Look what we found in our classroom today.....

I'm not sure what kind of bug it is, but it's huge!! Couldn't get a good picture with him safely tucked inside this container, and this girl was not about to open it!! It made my kids crazy all morning looking at it trying to figure out what it is and releasing him outside! Gotta love a little impromptu learning experience! Happy Almost Friday! 9 more days til Spring Break Here!!


  1. I am a bad teacher- we smash those kinds of things around here! :)

    Last year I had a little bug lover in my room who always caught critters and set them free when we came across them... but without him, I'm a wimp!

    Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

  2. You are better than me, Amy! I'm like Christina... a smasher! Luckily, most of my kiddos take care of the job, so I don't have to! :)

    Carried Away in Kindergarten

  3. Wow! Wish you had a better pic. I once found a wolf spider and we kept it as a pet all was really a cool experience!

    The 3 am teacher

  4. EWWW! I am also a smasher. Anything that is creepy and crawly that ventures into my classroom is dead shortly after arrival!
    Daisy Days for Learning

  5. What in the bejeebers is that thing?!?!? I'm Johnny Appleseed and save all little critters and throw them out my window...but honestly, I'd leave my class/classroom {yes, class - I'd bolt without 'em} screaming for help and make somebody else do the capture...if I saw something like that ugly mess.


    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  6. Ok ladies, I'm really not the loving (to bugs anyway) I am usually a smasher - but this thing was big it would have been pretty gross to smash it, I mean I thought it was a small mouse at first!! And my Kindergarten friend may have "helped me" get the bug into the jar!! LOL

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  8. Oh. my. word! That thing is huge! I never would've been able to catch it! I would've run! ahhhh! haha and then of course my kids would be bonkers because I couldn't handle it either! ;)


  9. That looks like what I caught in our bathroom last year while our school had a lot of construction going on. Look up either vinegaroon or whipped tailless scorpion. We kept ours for a couple days and fed him crickets and let him go.


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