YEAHHH!! Did you hear that???

I think the entire town can hear me celebrating, I'm so excited, because today at 3:00 Spring Break begins!! We have had a terrible schedule this year with long nights of conferences, and months without even a half day off, our compensation is one day added to our spring break - which happens to be tomorrow, so I am totally excited that for the next 10 days the alarm clock will not be waking me up, my family and I are going to enjoy some time together and hopefully I'll get my house in order before hubby goes in for back surgery on April 11th! So much is going on and I can't wait to just relax!!!

Anyway here's what we did on our final day before break....
 Counting eggs activity, I got the egg tray and little wooden basket from the local Salvation Army Thrift store
 I used a permanent marker to make the dots on the egg tray and got small egg beads from Oriental Trading
 Students counted out the eggs one to one correspondence to the dots in the tray!

 Count and clip cards, you can find these as a part of my free Easter unit if you look under Easter at the sidebar!
 I saw these cute little flower hair clips at Walmart, light-bulb!!! these would work for clip games!
So they count the eggs, then put the clip on the bunny with the correct number on his belly!

Their favorite activity of the day was this chick counting game!!
 I got the birds nests and little chicks from Oriental Trading, I made the number cards with an alphabet from Lettering Delights (its' a flower one I plan on using with flower pots I was going to make a better one for this game but they worked for now)
 I put the cards in the nest then they counted that many chicks into the nest
They loved it, and asked to play again several times!!

I hope your all having a wonderful Thursday and if your spring break is this week you enjoy it completely, I know I will!! I hope to be back soon with some freebies and a big giveaway while I'm relaxing so stay tuned! I need this week can rejuvenate me for those last 45 days of school!!



  1. Your centers look so cute!! I hope you enjoy your Spring Break!!

    The First Grade Dream

  2. As you are starting yours, I'm wrapping mine up- ugh! Spring break went waaaaaaaay too fast for me. Maybe I'll come be an honorary teacher for your district just for the week- to enjoy another break! :)

    I love your egg plate counting activity- My Kinders will love that!! Thanks for the idea :)

    Let's Teach Something

  3. Happy Spring Break to you!!!



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