WINNER and a Freebie for all!

Congratulations to the WINNER of my 400+ follower Reading Month Giveaway! I've emailed you so  we can work out the details of getting these gifts to you as soon as possible!
Huge thanks to all of you for following my blog!! At the end of July when I decided to jump in to blogging my goal was to make it to 100 followers someday! I didn't think past that but in just 7 short months here I am with 450 of you tuning in to see what I have to share and I appreciate it so much! I get so excited at each new follower, new comment, something pinned on pinterest, just the fact that other teachers out there care gets me through the rough days when I otherwise wouldn't know if anyone did!! THANK YOU so much for sharing in this educational journey with me!!

Here's a freebie for all of  you hope it's something you can use, I had to crop the graphics a little so it's not perfect but once I had it printed it was adorable and you don't notice all the little mistakes. My kids love these games the leprechaun one (you can find here on my blog) has been a huge hit, can't wait to share these with them!!
Roll a Bunny Chick 

Happy Weekend Everyone, We Made it!!
 (14 days until Spring Break here!!)


  1. What cute freebies you have! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Super cute "Roll a Bunny" game. Thanks for sharing!

    Hello Mrs Sykes

  3. Everything you make is so so so cute!! Thanks Amy

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  4. Happy weekend, for sure! Come over and grab two awards I've awarded to you, if you don't have them already!


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