Count down to Christmas week 6!

Christmas is really on it's way now, 10 days until break, this week will be a little more laid back than next week but the holiday is being celebrated in full swing all over the building! In our room today we enjoyed these fun activities........

Decorate the Christmas tree (got my tree at Family Dollar for 6 bucks) the ornaments are from Targets dollar spot (got three sets of them in gold, green, and red), I wrote letters on them with a paint pen and put hangers on them so the kids could hang them on the tree. They choose an ornament, read the letter, hang it on the tree, find the same letter on their paper and color it in!! They LOVED it!!

Counting beads!! I made number cards with pictures of the beads for my little ones to follow, attached a pipe-cleaner to each card and gave them a box of beads, they added the correct number of beads to each card. I really meant to get Christmas colored beads but totally forgot so they just used the beads I had.

Finally we read "There was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Bell" and used the sequencing cards to retell the story! Thanks to Can Do Kinders  for posting these, they are great (head on over to get your copy - there's lots of other great printables to go with the story you will love)!

You can still get two great new games if you leave a comment on my post below! Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. I love The Lady who Swallowed a Bell activity. I love how Christmasy your blog is. I gave you an award please come over to my blog to check it out!!

  2. I love your tree and ornaments idea. That's very clever!!

    Grade ONEderful


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