What I did over Winter Vacation...not much!

Clutter Free Classroom is hosting a Linky party!! She wants to know what we did over break! Well I had a long list and was totally ready to get A LOT done that I'd been putting off while re-doing my schedule several times, writing IEP's for a teacher who is out sick, giving assessments, finishing a grad class, writing IEP's for my own students and figuring out all the new paper work forms, working on an internship I need to complete for Grad school, writing lesson plans, planning a Grinch party, shopping, decorating, attending Christmas concerts and birthday events for my children, nieces, and nephews...Yeah the first three weeks of December were jam packed with things to do so break was going to be my time to start checking things of the list! I looked at it last night....for the first time since break began....I actually got three things done...without even conferring with my notebook! However there is still about a gazillion things on there that I REALLY NEED to do! So I have two more days right - two more days to try and catch up...it's time to get to work!! While I was NOT doing all the things I planned on doing here is what I actually did

* blog, blog stalk, download freebies, pin great ideas
* bake, cook, eat, and eat some more
* got my hair and nails done :)
* watched a lot of TV with my kiddos
* cleaned and organized - took 2 truck loads to Goodwill (everything is sparkling here except the laundry...UGG! My husband is wonderful enough to be working on that for me)
* Shopped, shopped, shopped - got new furniture, a new printer, some new clothes and a lot of 1/2 off Christmas stuff!
* Enjoyed a great Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with the in-laws!
* Saw a movie (Alvin and the Chipmunks) and ate out a couple of times
* Created some activities for my classroom
* printed with my new printer over 200 pages worth of classroom activities, cut them out, laminated them, cut them out again and stored them all so they can be used next month!
* spent A LOT of time in my jammies cuddled under a blanket with my family!
* complained about how fast my break was going!
* Stayed up late and slept in until after 10 most days!
* Learned a lot about clipart TOUs!
* bought some new clipart!

All of these things were done in random order, and some more than once! I've had a great break but it's always hard to get back into the routine of work and school. I am working on lesson plans and activities for the next couple days so I can start January out strong with my students! So thankful for my job and being able to have this break to refuel. I can't wait to see what the new year brings!Head on over to A Clutter Free Classroom to see what everyone else has done over break! Hopefully I'm not the only one whose been LAZY over break!



  1. I got a new printer for Christmas too. I have downloaded so many freebies and printed them out. If only I had a laminator to use! :)

    I'm your follower now too!

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher


  2. Found your blog through the linky party! I'm your newest follower!

  3. Sounds like a busy break! Have a wonderful new year.

  4. Thank you so much for entering my giveaway! I am now your newest follower! Teacher Tam's Educational Adventures


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