One more much to do!

I've spent all weekend trying to get things together for this last week before Christmas break! The last two weeks have just flown by and I've planned more than we can fit in, I want to get some great things in before we go but there is so much going on!

Monday we have dress rehearsal for the Christmas program (the whole school is invited), Tuesday we have the program for our parents and community to enjoy, Wednesday my high school students are on a Christmas Shopping trip to practice math and budgeting skill, Thursday class parties, and Friday all staff breakfast before school - I have to get up early and cook  - then afternoon school wide movie!

We will be non-stop learning (I hope) and having fun this week. I am tired just thinking about it all! I already had plans for this week written out and ready to go, plenty of Christmas centers still not used and a small party on Thursday!

After seeing First Grade Parade 's post on Grinch day! I was totally inspired,and Grinch day would be so much fun!! I absolutely love the Grinch, it was my dad's favorite movie growing up. My birthday is the 16th and every year for my birthday celebration we would go pick out a tree, put it up and decorate it while eating cookies and sipping cocoa, then settle in for the Grinch as a family! I love love love those memories!

I knew I wanted to share the Grinch with my class and this would be the shopping and planning began. Let me tell you a LOT of people must be planning Grinchy activities because it was hard to find anything green out there - I know it's the second week of December but really I could not find a green Santa hat, looked at 4 different stores before I found green bows, green glitter - had to go to Hobby Lobby for that and Hobby Lobby is down to 2 aisles of Christmas! Anyway after a whole day of shopping at every store in the area I think I have what I need to make it a great Grinchy Celebration! Can't wait to share that with you all on Thursday!

Here are a few things I did find while out looking for my Grinch treats......
Gift tags - LIGHT BULB MOMENT - I could use these to make centers that I won't have to print (save ink!! no cutting!!) I plan on putting letters and numbers on them for my younger ones, and words for my older ones!
These are containers that gum came in, I found a cute idea on pinterest to use small containers as a memory activity and these will be perfect after the gum in gone! I will put little things inside and they have to try to find matching objects!
Snowflakes, another winter center! I'm going to put math problems on the back and numbers on others they can match up the answers to them.
Totally not Christmas or Winter related!! Dollar Tree had these foam blocks, nice dice size 50 per pack and eraser dice that will roll QUIETLY!! I am so excited about the blank "blocks" I am going to make letter and number dice for many of my games that I've downloaded or created!

Stay tuned to see what our last week of Christmas brings! Hope your all enjoying the Holiday as much as I do! Christmas really is the most wonderful time of year!


  1. Have a great week! Just found your blog and I'm your newest follower!

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    Happy Holidays!

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  2. Great finds! I love the eraser dice! What section did you find those in?

    Lil' Country Kindergarten

  3. the front of the store right by the registers!


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