Week 3..day 11 of Christmas + Secret Santa!

We are on our way to Christmas break faster than I can think! This morning flew by while we did these activities...
 Teddy bear patterns in the pocket chart (I posted this for free in an earlier post)

 Worksheet to go along with the pocket chart activity - also free if you look under freebies you should be able to find it!

 Counting candy jars, I got this from Musings of Me - get a copy here!

 The Christmas addition game I offered for my 100th post, I actually uploaded this to Vistaprint and had it printed on "car door magnets" with a free coupon I only paid $4 to have it shipped to me! It was a great game and everyone did a great job playing it!!

The recording sheet that goes with the cookie magnet game!

And we took pictures for our parents gifts, I can't wait to share everything about our party with you on Thu. I love the gifts - but we are very camera shy in my room this year, I hope I can get good shots of these guys for their momma's so far it's been a big challenge -anyone else have this problem? Suggestions?

This is also secret Santa week for our staff.........my Santa brightened the day with a this...
Gotta love the Chocolate! Happy Monday everyone...4 more days!


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