FRIDAY!!!!! The 10th day of Christmas Fun!

TGIF!!! I am so thankful it's Friday! We had our first snow accumulation overnight so the kiddos are all kinds of wound up this morning. But the Birthday Treats in the Teacher's Lounge are helping me make it through!

Here's what we did on the 10th day of Christmas.......
 A sort activity with big and small that I got from!

Stocking upper/lower case sort - I made the clips to keep the matches together and it gives some fine motor practice with pinching the clothespins! (saw this idea on another blog but can't find it now - if its you let me Know!)

 Stocking letter writing worksheet! (posted as a freebie in one of my earlier posts)
 This is a ton of progress since the beginning of the year .....I am so proud of my little ones!

 Read more great books!

 Did a following directions activity to build play-dough snow men! 
Interesting the different ways kids went about this task!
 And used the play-dough to make our names!
 One more week till break! I am so happy for the weekend!! Gearing up for the last 5 days of Christmas in my classroom!


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