First day back!

Today we finally went back to school! It was a busy day as I had an IEP and the computers were down so I couldn't get to it to print it! I don't like to print them at home since they are 26 pages long and I don't get reimbursed for all the ink it would take to print them for 20+ kids, so last night after I finished writing the IEP I saved it with the intention of printing it first thing this morning. Of course the network was down all morning and I was unable to print until about 11:15 - the meeting was at 11:30 - so 11:15 I rush to the copy machine to retrieve my IEP that finally printed and what happens?!?! It pauses midway through printing and will not start up again. So I had to run into the IEP meeting late with no paperwork and try to remember everything I said since I could not even log onto my computer with the network down!!! UGG sometimes I hate technology!

Anyway I was very excited to see my little ones this morning and they were all excited to see me we had  a great morning! I started the Reading Mastery program with them today and it went well - they are all making so  much progress it makes me excited to be seeing them grow so much!! My high schoolers where also eager to tell me all about their breaks! I was wearing new clothes I got for Christmas and curled my hair with my new curling iron this morning. One of the boys asked if I was going to a wedding or something because I looked so good! HA...guess I haven't noticed how bad I've looked!

We were also told just before break that we needed to start posting our objectives in the classroom (I know many of you already do this - but we had not been required to in the past). It's tricky for me because I am teaching so many different levels and I want each group to know which one they are working on so I came across with these posters at Lesson Plan SOS and thought they would work great. I actually uploaded them to vista print and had them printed on posters, I changed the colors so that each group has their own color! It looked great (I will take a picture sometime this week) and then I created these cards I am using Velcro to attach the cards to the poster for each group.  I only finished Kindergarten right now but I'm working on other grade levels!I Can Kindergarten Math Statments
These are all based on The Common Core Standards - hope they will be of use to someone!
Hope everyone else is having a great start to the new year!!



  1. LOVE these! I can put these to use right away...looking forward to the next kindergarten standards...

  2. We have "required" to do this for a few years now - although, it's been a hot topic in our school, especially for the lower grades. Our argument is, how is that beneficial to the kids?? They don't understand that language! So, for us younger grades, we just need to put basic concepts that they are going to be learning, kind of like a mix between objectives and "what's in store for today" type thing. It'll be interesting when we move to Common Core standards...
    The Teachers’ Cauldron

  3. Im not required to do that, yet. But those look great!

  4. I nominated you for a blog award!

    Come by and check it out!
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  5. It never fails huh? When you need something done & you have a strict deadline, technology fails on ya. Happens to me a lot :(


  6. It seems that whenever I have found a really neat SMARTBoard lesson, or a neat website for in the computer lab, the network is always down.

    It sounds like your day was great otherwise!


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