Wrapping up Winter take 2!

Here are some of the center activites we did this week as we wrapped up our winter theme....Sorry the first few pics are pretty bad my phone is just not cutting it!
Build a snowman math I got from a Winter unit by Miss Kindergarten Hadar Maor!
count the buttons and match it with the number on the bottom snowbal1!
Then create your own snowmen by drawing buttons and writing the
correct number in this recording sheet!
Hot cocoa marshmallow counting, I have these counting mats as a freebie on this blog!

Snowball letter match, the kids have lower case letters on them match them up with the upper case letter on the snowball! This is also a freebie you can find on this blog!

Winter CVC word mats,  I can not figure out where I got them again uggg! I really do want to give credit and will be making a much better effort to document where I get my activities from now on! If they are yours PLEASE let me know!
I laminated the mats and the kids used dry eraser markers to
write in the sounds for each word!

Snowman hundreds chart activity! I loved this one, got this from Mrs. Parker
check out her blog here!
I also laminated these so student could write on them with a marker
and we could do several practices!
we used the hundreds chart to help us find the numbers,
again laminated so we could circle our numbers and wipe it off later!
snowy addition I got here here
we used snowflake manipulatives to solve the problems
matched the cards with the correct answers
Then recorded them on the cute recording sheet!

snowy syllables, got these here
My kiddos struggled with this one, it something we will be working on more!
after we sorted all the cards they recorded the words on these recording sheets!
 So we covered a lot and I got to use a lot of things 
I won in some awesome giveaways!
Can't wait to start Valentine centers on Monday
and show you all what we are doing! 
I've  been busy planning and creating so I've got some fun stuff to share :)



  1. Lots of ideas! I really like the hot cocoa mini marshmallow one and the syllables one. My students struggle with the syllables too.
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. I believe the winter CVC mats are from Fran at Kindergarten Crayons. Cute ideas! Thanks for sharing.


  3. The snowball letters are so cute, thanks for the freebie!

    Light a Fire

  4. Seriously - you have the most fun in your classroom. Your kiddos are really lucky to have you as their teacher!

    You've been tagged - come see what I mean on my blog! :)

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  5. Hey Amy,

    send me an email and I will help you plan MI blogger meet up! rgrimes1125 at gmail dot com

    we can do it together! itll be super fun!



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