Lucky Ducks! (WINNER)

I can not believe I WON the mega giveaway over at Mel D.'s blog!!! I am sooooo excited, I had to read the post about it a couple times and then I started cheering and my husband came running to see what was going on. When I told him why I was so happy he rolled his eyes and went back to his work! I needed something to pick up my week and WOW what a way to do it!!! I've also won several winter units in different giveaways over the past couple weeks I plan on sharing the fun we've been having with those activities soon! Thank you to all you wonderful people out there who are so willing to share what you've made! Its been a life saver for me!!

And now someone else out there gets to be lucky too! I gained 44 followers over the course of this giveaway and had 100 comments!! Thanks to everyone who participated (I am with Kristin from Teeny Tiny Teacher - I wish I could give you all a gift card) I really appreciate all your support and kindness! Random generator chose which of you was going to be the LUCKY DUCK like me!! Here goes.....
Please email me your mailing address at so I can have your card sent to you right away! I have to go to grad class tonight :( it's totally killing me! However, this weeks half over people - and we are suppose to get a LOT of snow tomorrow night - I'm hoping Snow day Friday!! But not getting my hopes up to high. We are not off Monday for MLK day....BOOOO! So Friday off would be great! It's already been a long week!


  1. Hey, thats me! This is the first thing I've won as a blogger, so I'm very excited! I just emailed you my address. Thanks very much! :D
    - Angel

  2. Congratulations on your big win!!! That's awesome!

    Teaching First

  3. Thanks so much for letting me know you found my blog! Glad to have you as a follower! :)

  4. You lucky girl - you deserved a little pick-me-up. We actually have Monday off. PHEW. My boys have tomorrow AND Monday...ugh...childcare!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  5. Amy, so glad you left a comment on my blog so I could find your site! Love it! I like your idea about the test tube sight words. I've used them before to make name tubes for the kids but I like the sight word idea better! Do you use alphabet beads? Do you put water in the tubes too?


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