I had a great time meeting with some fabulous ladies yesterday at the Michigan Blogger Meet-up! It was so much fun getting to know new bloggers and seeing others I've met before! Here are some pictures from our get together.....
Kelly from All that Glitters in First and her mom Betty (who is hopefully going to start a blog soon! She teaches 2nd grade) Christina from Buntings, Books, and Bainbridge (I am sure you all know her, she is pretty famous!!) Patty from 2nd in line (she helped Christina put together some fun goody bags for us and brought door prizes)!!!
Maria from Kinder-Craze (she is the amazing photographer that we all wanted Pinterest tips from, you have to see the pictures of her classroom on her blog! AMAZING!!) and Marsha from A Differentiated Kindergarten. Me, and Julie from Make, Take & Teach (She has the most amazing ideas for intervention activities! I have used many of her ideas in my classroom so fellow educators you have to check out her blog!!)
Kara from Sped-Ventures! (She's a fellow special educator, love her!!) with Patty! Betty and Laura from Enchanting Elementary!  We had so much fun just chatting and getting to know one another a little better!
Ellen form Primary Classrooms are Oceans of fun, showing off the cute prize bags and fun fly swatters Patty and Christina brought for everyone, and little baskets she won as a door prize. Here's Ellen showing off a beautiful bracelet she also won as a door prize (Thanks so much Patty and Christina!!!)
Thanks Maria for sharing all of your photos with us!! She did a fantastic job taking all of these!! It was so much fun getting together!! So glad for the opportunity to meet other educators around the world (and especially in our state) who encourage one another and help each other to be the best teachers we can be!! It makes me love teaching even more!! I would love to get together with some Indiana bloggers too! (I actually live in Northern Indiana now, but I'm still a Michigan girl at heart!!)

Happy Sunday Everyone, check back tomorrow for some fun Monday Made-it's!!!

It's almost July, and I am not ready for that just yet!! But I am ready for Farley's Currently party so here is what I am up to currently......

It is completely quite in my house right now, everyone is enjoying a book!! No TV, No Games, No noise!! Great relaxing Saturday Morning!!

I love the summer weather, it's been so nice here! I have been so busy I haven't gotten much time to be outside but I'm planning on soaking it up here soon!

I have so much I want to get done before school starts, around the house, and here on my blog and store! I need to get moving!!

I really would love going on a nice family vacation but the time my husband gets off is not working for us! Wahh, we are going to start planning on one for next year!! Planning ahead does pay off!

I really, really, really, wish summer would just slow down a little! It has flown by so fast, and I know next week we will be through the first week of July, back to school sales will begin, and my planning will be in full force (I go back July 29th for training and start with students on Aug 14th)!! I just want to enjoy it a little while longer :)

My tip - BALANCE!! I need to learn this one myself! I feel like I am always consumed with all that I need to do and I don't really enjoy the things that I am doing! I need to turn off the computer and enjoy my family for a while then come back and maybe my creating and blogging would be better!! You want to do it all, so you have to make time to do it all well!!

Head on over to Farley's blog and see what everyone else is doing....
Oh' boy fourth grade
Hope you all have an amazing start to July! Enjoy the last of June as it flies by!!
I had a request for Daily 5 and Cafe headers with a frog theme! I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but guess what I LOVE IT!! I think it turned out so cute, and I hope some of you will too! I ended up making word wall headers and a welcome banner to match! If you like frogs here you go.....
Frog Classroom Decor

I made a cordinating Binder/Calendar set, you can pick up the pre-made version right here for FREE! The editable version that you can personalize with your own wording is at my TPT store for only $2.50!!

I love summer Mondays!! I start planning right away for what I will make and share the next week!! Thanks to Tara for hosting this wonderful linky party, It really is a highlight of my week (I know I am such a dork)! Anyway here's what I've "made" this week!!

For the past few years I have been using Zazzle to design my teacher binder, and I love them!! Here is this years design......
 I can't wait to use it!!!

I was so excited when my box from Vistaprint arrived this week!! I had gotten the groupon offer for $70 worth of products for only $17, here are a few of the things I got.........
Notecards, a notebook, sticky notes all to match the binder!!

Now for my home made it - this was so fun!!! We actually created it as a family project over the weekend, and it was exciting to see everyone working together to make something the whole family would use! Here it is, our "corn-hole game"
My husband and son worked together to make the boards!
My daughter and I made the bean bags (she refused to be in the pictures with me )
and we all had a great time playing the game when we were finished!!!

That's all for this week, but I've already got a couple of projects planned for next week so don't miss it :) And don't forget to head over to Tara's blog and check out what everyone else is making!! I love seeing all the creativity of fellow teachers, it really is amazing!!
Today a Brand New Blog is Born!! I am working with several other special education professionals to bring you the top tips and resources in special education all in one place!!

Are you a special education teacher, speech pathologist, psychologist, general education teacher or parent? Then this is the place for you to get what you need to help with all things special education!! Come on over and check us out, and don't forget to follow so you don't miss out on anything!! See you over there!!
It's Friday we have some winners of the Carson Dellosa Task Card and Thinking Mats Giveaway!
Thank you to everyone who entered, I appreciate your support!! Ladies I've emailed you and look forward to getting your prizes to you right away!! Now some prizes for everyone.......

I finally have the Binder updates I've been promising for you! I never thought it would take so long to make them all editable, but it was quite the task! Anyway, I've got four sets up, you can download the pre-made set for free, or purchase the editable set in my TPT store for only $2.50!! The editable set allows you to add your name and change the wording on dividers to meet your needs as well as add text to the calendar if you choose. Just click on the words below to get the one you need! Thanks for your patience as I continue to get the other sets up and out to everyone who is waiting!!

And FINALLY, I am also Super excited to let you all know that Michigan bloggers are meeting up (I know I moved to northern Indiana last year but I'm close enough to meet up and I love these Michigan girls!!!) So if you wanna join us check out Christina's blog and Let her know to count you in so we can get the reservations completed! It's coming up fast so head on over there ASAP!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!! Thanks for reading :)

I've been busy updating all of my files in Boho colors and love how they are turning out! Here are a few more freebies for you!

Daily 5 Headers for Reading and Math!

Cafe Headers in two different formats!


Life Skills posters (LOVE THESE!!!) I am so excited about these. We have an awards assembly once a month at our school at one child from each classroom is recognized for demonstrating the "life skill of the month" I created these to help introduce the skill and hopefully give students a reminder of what we are working on each month. I am going to display them just like my birthday display! The life skill of the month sign will go on the wall and the other cards will go on rings right below so it can be easily flipped each month and won't take up a lot of room!

Hope you all enjoy these! I am  looking forward to seeing how they all look in my classroom in Aug.!!! But right now I am enjoying Summer! I have more calendars coming later this week, I wanted to get them all out in one post so it's taken longer than expected (sorry) they are still coming, I promise!!! Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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