I know it's technically still October but I am ready to move on.......enough Halloween already! Let's give thanks! I am so thankful for everyone who follows my blog and especially for those of you who take the time to leave comments I've decided to make this a thankful week!! Each day this week I will post a freebie for all my blogging buddies just to say thanks for listening (reading) to what I have to say and encouraging me to be a better teacher! So enjoy a week of freebies made just for you.........and don't forget about my 100 follower giveaway stop here 100 Followers Giveaway! to enter! You don't want to miss it!!

Today's Freebie was inspired by this little tin I found at the target dollar spot.....

I wanted an activity to go along with it so I created these

I thought at least this was keeping with the candy theme for Halloween!! Hope you can use these!
Happy Halloween Everyone!

I have reached 100 followers!!! Thank you all so much for showing your interest in my blog, it has been a life saver this year. I know it has made me a better teacher, and since I have found so much inspiration in all of you I've been able to look at things from a whole new perspective!! So Thank You!!

And Now for the Giveaway Details!! I am giving one lucky winner 
a $20 Target gift card, 
 a coupon for  500 scholastic bonus points, 

and a class set of Christmas books, you can give them to your students as gifts or keep them to read together!! Choose from Biscuit or  Flat Stanley.

There are three ways to enter......all you have to do is....

1.) Follow my blog - Comment and let me know you do! (1 entry)
2.) Blog about my Giveaway! - Comment with a link (1 entry)
3.) Leave me a comment -about anything, I just like reading your comments! (1 entry)

I will choose a Winner by random generator on
Friday November 4th, at 6:00 pm!
Again Thank you all so much for making this a better year for me 
Good Luck!
The book fair was in town this week, I picked up a couple of new books and these really cute pointers!
Yep, they look like animal paws!!! $2 each - not a bad deal!! I think my students are going to love them too!

Here are a few of the fun things we've been working on in my classroom this week...
We are wrapping up our colors and shapes units - I got these great color/shape puzzles with bonus points from Scholastic - the kids loved them, even though they were a little tricky to put together at first!

We reviewed colors by re-reading Pete the Cat class book and using our "Shoe books" to show which color shoes he was wearing!
Our color of focus this week - Orange of course!!

We made these cute little books I got from here Musings of Me - Printables!

We played lots of fall/Halloween games

 This is the roll a pumpkin game!

We made these great scarecrow books also downloaded from here MOM Printables!

We played Halloween Bingo, which I found at the 97 cent spot in Walmart, we used candy corn as markers and then they got to have it for a treat!
We made our names with Pumpkins, I made these with a pumpkin shaped notepad and some alphabet stickers, laminated and we had tons of fun using them to make different words!

We made pumpkin Patterns with a free download from Can Do Kinders

We counted ghosts and bats using Haunted house counting mats I got here Class Full of Special Kinders
and tree counting mats I got here Pitner's Potpourri  it's part of her 13 Days of Halloween unit.

With my older students I have been really working on comprehension - we are using the Story Map I made this summer inspired by a pinterest post! I also decided to make it smaller so students could do their own story mapping in groups if we aren't reading aloud. I used file folders and the same headers as the poster to make these - they've been working on great - It's interesting to see what the different groups think!


 As part of the Halloween fun I picked up these Scholastic Magazines with some interesting articles about the different Halloween tales, we need to focus more on non-fiction and strategies for collecting information. This was a fun way to start off Non-fiction unit and end the week!
Happy Weekend Everyone!!!
I won three great giveaways this past weekend! I have been loving all the activities I got from units Ms. Preppy gave away. I can't wait to wear my shoes from Karen over at Flamingo Fabulous in 2nd grade for reading month. Now, I've won these Christmas Cards from Techy Teacher - (created at Shutterfly)
This is my entire family! My husband is to the far left, then me, my brother, my mom in the middle, my sister and her husband to the right. My son and daughter are to the left standing under us, next to them are my brother's twins. Sitting down to the left are my brother's other two children, and my sister's two are to the left (her son is the only boy to play along and wear a scarf with us)! I can't wait to send these out this year!

Then yesterday I won a $50 gift card to educational insights from Klienspiration!! I couldn't wait to go shopping and this is what I finally decided to go with......
 The hot dots system seems so fun and easy to use, I was able to get three sets (colors, shapes, and patterns) plus the dog pen with my $50 and a coupon for free shipping. I only had to pay the taxes!! Can't wait to get them and let my little ones try them out!!

It's been a very lucky week for me!! I am so close to 100 followers, and can't wait to reach that goal so that I can host a give away of my own! Stay tuned for your chance to be the lucky winner hopefully in the very near future!!
I know it's Halloween week and we all have some awesome spooky things going on in our classrooms but I'm thinking ahead!!

I have just started working on number recognition with my little ones and with Halloween just a few days away I'm thinking November! I created a Thanksgiving number match. Hope someone can use this! Enjoy!!

I found a few good deals for my classroom!
Wal-mart has a new 97 cent section, in every store around here it's kind of more like several little spots where they threw stuff in some bins, you have to dig through it and they haven't been good about changing it out with the seasons. Today at the particular store I was in they had scrap booking supplies in the bins so I got some alphabet stamps in different fonts.
Here they are, sorry it's not the best pic!
They also had out their Christmas decorations! I know it's not even November, but I LOVE Christmas and was so excited to see all the festive decorations out - I love buying anything to do with Christmas!! I found these cute "table confetti" packs - they are presents - I know I can make a math game with them!! 36 in a pack for 97 cents!
These erasers actually came from the target dollar spot! I am also working on a math game using these! I thought they were cute and I think the kiddos will enjoy them!

I can't believe it's the last week of October and we have parent teacher conferences this week, so I will be busy busy busy!! I hope to get some time to post some of the awesome activities I plan on doing from the units I won this week!


Today started off Awesome when I checked my blogger dashboard this morning and saw that I had won a giveaway!! Karen over at Flamingo Fabulous in Second Grade was having a giveaway for a cute pair of shoes she custom paints!! My students are going to love these!! If you want to know more you can check out her blog here

Then right after that Catlin over at Ms. Preppy posted that I had also won her giveaway for some super awesome fall units and a membership to graphics factory!! I have received the units and am so excited that planning for this week just got easier, and the kids are going to have so much fun!! If you want to know more you can check out her blog here

So winning two fabulous giveaways in one day totally got me off to a great start, Then I got to hang out with my beautiful sister for the afternoon!
This is me with my brother and sister (this was taken last year) I love them both so much and enjoy any time I do get to spend with them! 
After the last couple weeks I totally needed this day! Tomorrow I will be a whole new person getting ready for my week! It's a lesson I haven't learned very easily, but taking care of me does make me a better teacher! Hope your all having  a great weekend too!!

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