More Organization!

I am still working on organizing all my stuff! Today I worked on organizing all the letters I use for bulletin boards! I have so many different letters and they have all just been thrown into a drawer, when I need them I have to dig through them all to find the ones I need - it takes forever and drives me crazy! Some weren't even punched out so I would have to dig through, find what I could, and go punch out the rest! Today I got them all organized so that the next time I need them it should be super easy to find exactly what I want!
First we punched them all out, then mad piles! I know so high tech right!!

close up of the letters
Then each pile went into it's own zip lock baggie!
I bought two 7 pocket accordion files, labeled each of the sections with round alphabet stickers (2 per section) - these files were on sale for $1.50 each! The zip lock baggies went into the pockets -

And here they are all my letters organized into these two files so I can easily grab what I need when I need it!

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