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 We made elephant ear head bands -
you can get the printable here!
 then decorated eggs, and made up what was hatching from ours!! 
And we got a little bit creative!
  a blue bird, a persons, a little boy,
 a lawn mower and a cat! LOL!!
 Here they all are in their elephant ears holding their eggs!
They cracked me up today talking about Dr. Seuss one boy swears he saw him when he was having surgery I tried to explain that he was not that kind of Dr. but he insists. Another little guy visits Dr. Seuss all the time, he has several medical issues and is sure that the picture I have of the Dr. is the same person he sees almost weekly! He's even been to Dr. Seuss' house! They are so funny!! 
Can you guess what Seuss book we read today??? There's A Wocket in Your Pocket! was so much's what we made
 Inspired by Fun in First Grade's post we came up with our own animals to put in our pockets! Again we aren't very imaginative, things that are abstract are very hard for them to understand so we had an elephant, a bear, a ghost, and a pen in our pockets!! I tried very hard to get them to come up with something that rhymed but no such luck - they just looked at me like I was a crazy women and repeated "I have a bear in my pocket." So we went with it!

More good news, I have 403 followers!! That means another giveaway is in order! I will be unveiling the goods on Friday-I'm very excited about it - stay tuned!!
We began tribute to Dr. Seuss week by reading "If I Ran the Zoo" it's a great book to start my little one's on because most of them have been to the zoo and can kind of relate, sometimes the "funniness" of books goes right over their head but they love this one! Then we used a writing sheet I got from Kreative in Kinder to write about and draw what we would put in our zoo if we ran the zoo...we aren't very imaginative now ...we had cats, dogs, elephants and lions, I tried to encourage made up creatures but they just looked at me like I was crazy, one little guy finally said "umm Mrs. Marshall those aren't real, they are only in your book" sooo cute, but that's what I'm trying to get you to do make up something!!! LOL anyway here's some pics of their animals...
 a dinosaur and a pig
 a tiger
 a kangaroo
 a giraffe
 a fox and a worm???

We also played One Fish, Two Fish, Go Fish you can get a copy of this game HERE!

Now for some VERY EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!!!! My Donor's choose Project was FUNDED today!!! It was getting down to the wire I had 8 days to go, I really didn't expect to get the funding I haven't had much luck with Donor's choose. I've tried a couple of times before and both times got nothing, but this time a very generous company funded my project so my kiddos are getting an I-PAD!!!!!! I can't wait to get it and download some apps for them to use, they are going to be so excited about adding this as a center! My class does not have a computer right now, it's going to be GREAT!!! Can you tell how excited I am!!!

Hope everyone else is having a great Monday!!! See you tomorrow with more Dr. Seuss fun!
We are Celebrating The Dr. Who shall not be named this week! Crazy copyright rules are just popping up everywhere - it seems his name is copyrighted and we can't use it in our products, so I'm just calling him the Dr. you all know who I'm talking about right??? Here are two new activities I created for easy independent centers or small group work.

Another crazy rule (I think anyway) is going around blogland as well - did you know you need permission to pin things from other peoples blogs on to your Pinterest boards??? I personally think this is ridiculous, but I defiantly want to give you all permission to pin anything you see here on my blog if you want to!

You can head on over to Laura Candler's Blog to read more if you want to know what this is all about! and get the permission to pin button for your blog so everyone knows they can pin your stuff!

Stay tuned this week I will have pictures from my classroom as we celebrate with different books by the Dr. everyday! I'm so excited and know my kiddos will be to! Happy Sunday Everyone, Enjoy!
While the snow continues to come down and we could barely make it out of the drive, I still managed to get my husband to take me shopping! We had to have groceries right?!? So here's what I threw in with those groceries because it's just to good to pass up!!!!
 adorable glittery spring stickers, I'm making another memory/match game with them!
Glitter alphabet stickers for making an egg matching game capital letter on one side/lower case on the other and the kiddos have to match up the two sides!
Spring/Easter Scrapbook paper
Cutest chick felt bucket!! I got some cute little chicks from oriental trading last year this will be perfect for holding them!
Speech bubble white boards, love these! I usually do a dialog lesson in March for reading month, we discuss why we read then students get in pairs and write a dialog between themselves about why they read. I have cut out speech bubbles and laminated them in the past so they could write it and revise then we do self portraits and write out a final dialog in speech balloons to display in the hallway these will be perfect to practice on!
More shapes/patterns, they are all a little girly so I'm sure my boys will complain a little! 

Finally, this is the awesome clipboard I won in a giveaway awhile back! It's from Blue Bird Gift Company! I Love it and it matches all the white/black/pink organization I've picked up at Target!!! It's very well made, not modge podged on like the ones I make myself! Can't wait to use it in my classroom!!

I will be posting a lot more on how I'm going to use all my fab finds during the month, I feel like I'm getting way ahead of myself with spring and Easter stuff. It's Dr. Seuss week next week - I'll have daily center and activities to post about! Then St. Patrick's day before I get into my spring stuff but I will share it all with you when it's ready to go! Hope your all having a great weekend!
Here's what we woke up to this morning!
What can make Friday any better than a snow day??? Well I guess maybe having the whole week off before Friday, but for those of us who did not get ANY break, not even one day this month, it's doesn't get much better than this! I'm sitting here in my pj's being very productive! I've got lesson plans for next week done, and I've created another freebie for Freebie Friday!

A roll a game for St. Patrick's day, my kiddos just love these and they are any easy activity for them to do on their own.  I created two different "guide" sheets, one with dots and one with numbers since I'm using number dice now but would like the kiddos to start using dotted dice soon! The clover goes in his hand.

How do you like the new blog look? I'm in love with it again!! As you can see I'm ready for spring! Is it bad to kept changing it with the seasons? I've read some "blog rules" that say you should pay for a design and leave it - but I like the change. Does it make my blog hard to follow? Thanks for following the randomness of this post, and hope your all having a Happy Friday!
I know I'm getting way ahead of myself here but I've been working on a new unit that I really want to share with all of you! This is the first set of activities I've packaged as a "unit" and I'm so excited about it! Here's my first EASTER creation. I don't know if you all get to celebrate Easter or not, I debated this myself, but I think the bunnies, eggs, and baskets are super cute and I love how it all turned out! Hope you do too!!

Easter Unit

Ok, so my pencil sharpener sharpens ok, it's not great but it does the job, the thing I hate is the cute pencils I've gotten for all the holidays have the plastic sheet on them to make them cute, it gets all frayed up and the kids pick at it all day long, it drives me CRAZY!! So when  Holly at Crisscross Applesauce blogged about this Amazing little thing,


I decided it was time to check it out! 
I headed on over to Classroom Friendly Supplies right away!
I was so excited when I drove in and saw a box when I got home yesterday, I knew what it was!! My new pencil sharpener! I just stocked up on cute new pencils from the dollar store this weekend,
 time to put this baby to the test!

Here are my brand new St. Patrick's Day Pencils from the Dollar Tree, I couldn't wait to see how this sharpener handled them :)
 I took it into my classroom and mounted it on the side of my desk, super easy to do and It stay's put very well!
 Here's another view!! LOVEIN' IT!
 With the help of a kiddo I began the task!
Yes I know that is all capitals because look how my electric sharpener usually makes them look!
 It was an amazing difference, the kiddo who was helping got really excited! Kid after my own heart :)

So now that you've see how well it works head on over and get yours,
 you will not be disappointed!
  I ordered another one right away for home, my own kids were a little jealous! They are only $19.95 with free shipping! I'm taking this to the staff meeting after school today to show it off! I think lots of people are going to be surprised at what this can do! Troy has a great product at a great price, what are you waiting for, go check it out!

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